SSS Payment Thru Bayad Center App

Now that you already sign up and top up your wallet, you can now use your Bayad Center app with loading your mobile and bills payment. If you haven't sign up yet, please follow the steps here: Bayad Center App Registration.

I've been looking for ways on how to pay my SSS Contribution Online not just because of the current situation COVID-19 but because I don't want the hassle of going to and from SSS Branch or any Bayad Center branches just to be able to pay my contribution. Here are some payment app that I've used before

But now, I learned that you can also do this thru Bayad Center App with just minimal charges.

Steps on how to pay your SSS Contribution Online:
1. Open your Bayad Center App and login.
2. Tap "Pay Bills" and search for "SSS Contribution - PRN"

Note: PRN can be found at your SSS Online Portal. You need to register your SSS number or account online so you can generate your PRN that you will be using for payment.

3. Input the following information:
a. PRN
b. Amount
c. Mobile Number

Hit "Next" and review the details that you input in the box provided.

4. Wait for your confirmation.
5. Once verified, it will be posted automatically and real time based on my experience.
6. To ensure that your payment is settled, log in to your SSS Account online and check if the payment is posted already.

The Bills Payment feature of Bayad Center has a Php5.00 charge but Php1.00 rebate.

For questions, you can ask thru comment box or send a message at

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