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It's been 4 years since we acquire a home at Camella. Believing in ourselves that acquiring a home in this well known subdivision w...

It's been 4 years since we acquire a home at Camella. Believing in ourselves that acquiring a home in this well known subdivision would give us comfort but it's not. From reservation up to water bill payment now, is so much hassle for tenants like us. They receive multiple of feedback from homeowners, but they are still the most top of the line housing. I wonder why? As much as possible I don't want to reiterate further complaints within this post. Instead, I will teach you how to pay your Camella water bills online through BDO bank.

We acquire a house at Camella Solamente, so that means that we belong to Primewater South. Beforehand, know your account number if you belong to South or North. Why do I need to pay via online? Because the fact that we haven't moved in, I cannot always guarantee the availability of our water bill delivered straight to our unit even without a tenant. Last month, they delivered almost late and near the due date even if there is a schedule. So to cut the chase and to save myself from hassle of always visiting our unit just to see the water bill, I found a way to have an electronic copy of our water bill and pay it online.

1. Send an email to PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp: and ask for an electronic copy of your bill. Indicate the month because asking for an electronic will be manually per month. Provide the following details in your email:

PrimeWater Subscriber's Name
PrimeWater Account Number
Meter #
Subdivision to check whether you belong to South or North because it will be selected via BDO online

2. It is better to check also the schedule of your water bill. I asked them when is the best time for asking an electronic copy. They provide me schedules of bill reading, forwarding and sending out bill on your doorstep, also the due date and the actual disconnection. Once you received the information, you can now enroll the biller via BDO. 

3. I use the BDO bills payment facility because that is my bank account. You can also ask them how to pay via your desired bank. They will promptly reply during office hours. 

4. Instead of using the Account Number, use the ATM Reference Number for the Subscriber's Account information. This is already questionable for me because we know that an ATM Reference Number varies every month. I wonder what will I do next month if I have to enroll it again. Honestly, enrollment of biller via BDO is quick and easy. After successful enrollment, you can pay right away.

5. Be mindful of your due date. Always allow a 2-3 days allowance before the due date to avoid disconnection notice.

If you are already residing at your unit, then of course you can also pay via online. It's much convenient for us to pay online and skipping the lines.

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  1. Primewater rate is so expensive! One of the complaints of camella homeowners silang cavite..

    1. Oo nga, but we don't have a choice here, even our City converts to Primewater too. Our City has a minimum of Php 205 while the Camella Primewater is Php 224.

  2. Hi, thanks for this blog. Can i have a sample of a prime water account number, i am really confused, how many digits is this and what are the starting digits. How is it different from atm ref number?thank you so much.

    1. Hi, may I know what Primewater are you using and where are you residing? ATM ref number however is the one you will use when you need to pay bills online instead of inputting the Account Number.

  3. I missed my due date, how can I pay the bill po without going to Starmall Mandaluyong or in their Las Pinas office? medyo hassle kasi andito ako sa Imus Cavite and may pasok ako ng weekdays. Thanks po sa reply. :)

    1. I missed my due date last time, akala ko nabayadan ko na siya, and it just reflected on the next bill. So I just paid it po that time.


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