Primewater Bill Payment via BDO Online Banking App

BDO has rolled out a new easy access to pay our Primewater Bills online via their Online Banking App. I've been using BDO for a few years already and it is quite hard everytime that I need to enroll in Primewater Accounts that I need to pay first before I can settle the bill. It's really redundant since we have to enroll in a unique ATM reference every month. But recently, they changed it to a biller that does not need enrollment anymore. Aside from that, you don't need to select North and South accounts anymore.

Here's the tutorial on how to pay your Primewater Account via BDO Online Banking App. 

Tap on the Pay Bills tab. Tap Pay Bills.  

Select Pay From and choose from your enrolled accounts. 

Tap Pay This Company Biller. 

Tap Billers Not Requiring Enrollment Tab and scroll down to select Primewater. 

Enter the Amount Due and Remarks if there is any. I always put the Month of payment in that area. 

Tap Continue and carefully check the details of your bill if it is correct. 

It is now easy to pay Primewater bills via BDO Online Bank. I hope that they will also roll out Primewater biller on their BDO Pay. 

Do you need to pay your Primewater bill but already on the due date? I have a youtube tutorial for you: How To Pay Overdue Primewater Bill Online

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  1. What to put in Subscriber Number? Dami kasing number sa resibo ng Primewater nakakalito.

    1. Use the ATM Reference Number for the Subscriber number since you will be using an online payment facility.

    2. I tried using the ATM Reference number and even the Account number. App says Invalid payment details?

    3. maybe lagpas na po kayo sa due date? if lagpas na po kailangang palitan ang last 4 digits ng inyong reference number para pumasok ang payment details.

    4. Pano po mapapalitan last 4digits

  2. thank you jan din ako nalito eh.. makapagbayad na ngarin hehe

  3. What should I put on remarks?


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