Top 5 Apps We Use for Homeschooling

With the recent transition from Online Distance Learning to officially homeschooling Adrienne, we have some apps that we find useful and mandatory to use for our homeschooling activities. I will list down our top five and what we use regularly and where we use it. This is actually in no particular order.

1. Canva - First on our list is Canva. I rarely use it before for social media posting or even for my blog. I only use it for covers and for some collage of pictures. But recently, I find this very useful in our portfolio. I design our homeschooling portfolio here and later on decided to just pass it to our teacher for reference instead of actually printing and scanning the whole portfolio. I find it easy access and the designs were really cute. It is easier to track and compile lessons and schedules. 

2. Telegram - This is the messaging app for the teachers and co-parents for interschool announcement and sharing off activities too. But lately, I notice that I do get spam messages because there are too many participants sharing this and that in that platform. Although I rarely check it once in a while for announcements pinned by teachers, I cannot dispose it because that is the platform for communicating our teacher in charge.

3. Notion - I am not really a fan of planners. Even if I have one, I am not taking down schedules that will happen for a day or two. I'd rather take notes things that happen instead. This is for me is the working planner for planning out my schedule and tasks. I can just jot down important dates. Notion is free but since I cannot open it via my chromebook, I began to outcast it as our go to app. It is indeed useful for those who are fond of using online journals. If you will explore Notion, it is flexible and really useful for your homeschooling, business and even personal planners. This is great with organization of your ideas and thoughts.

4. Zoom - Every week, Adrienne have schedule E-Dialogue session with her classmates and teacher. They have activities and participation over some topics, for example, important dates like "Nutrition Month" and they do crafts or presenting talents. Zoom meetings are a bit outdated for me. Users are only allowed to have 30 minutes I am not mistaken of session for the free account. Not everyone is mandatory to attend but since it is one way of socializing with others, I let Adrienne attend it every Wednesday.

5. Google Drive - Back in our days, files and other important matters are stored via diskette, or even passed on via email. But since we are really in a digital age, it is easier to access files that we use in our daily homeschooling through Google Drive. They have organized folders that we can access for the kids worksheets, exams, reference books and more. Later on, our portfolio will be also uploaded for the teacher's reference.

There are other apps that we use for our homeschooling right now but needless to say this has been our top 5 and what we use for our daily log. We're on our 2nd quarter with the lessons and I realize that homeschooling for us is really perfect because Adrienne is enjoying every single lesson we have. I can also adjust our lessons and schedule accordingly. I'll be writing more homeschooling tips and experience here on my blog soon so that I can help newbies in the future.

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