Getting a license nowadays consumes time and money but I must say that they could have implemented it right away even before. I was one of those new license holders who have undergone a tedious process. I started with acquiring a TDC or Theoretical Drivers Course which I previously discussed before here.

I've waited for several months and I almost max out my allowed time to get a Non-Pro license from a student permit. I could have done it earlier but due to expensive fees and my other priorities I have to set aside first my need to acquire a driver's license. I inquired through several driving schools before I settled on the same driving academy I had before only with different branches. I decided to take my practical driving course at 707 Driving Academy - Concepcion branch.

I chose the refresher 8 hours course and Automatic Transmission. My driving instructor, Sir Arvin Bersamin seems to be strict at first but once you become comfortable with his way of teaching methods you will learn a lot and easily. He also caters questions from his students which is more of a good quality of a teacher because of the interaction and explanations. He will teach you not only the basics but also the more detailed and most accurate tips on how to ace your Practical and Online Exam to get your Non-Pro License.

I took 2 days of Practical Driving Course at 4 hours each session, 1 hour for basics and parking and 3 hours for a long drive dealing with the hands on and to see how I can manage to drive in a busy street and other situations on the road. Parallel parking is the actual exam at LTO and he taught me the proper way on how to execute it, with key points on how and when to turn your wheels, backing with cones as reference and aligning your car before reversing or entering the parking space. 

After completing my 8 hours practical driving, I rested for a week to review for the Online Examination. They said that it is much harder and some questions aren't included in the Theoretical before. I will share the reviewers that I use and it really helps me to answer a few questions I didn't encounter at my Theoretical exam before. I wasn't able to practice parallel parking at home due to no parking space available and it always rains when I have my free time. 

Before heading to the LTO in front of the driving academy I was enrolled in, I got my Practical Driving Course Certificate first and took my medical exam. My medical exam before was expired already since its validity is only good for 2 months. So this is another expense but I really wanted to make room for driving improvements and stretch my student permit privilege before diving into a new level, the Non-Pro License. 

If you plan to have a transaction at the LTO, be aware that you have to go there as early as 4am to secure a number for your appointment because as early as 8am, all numbers are already taken. 

After that you will be called by batch and you will enter the vicinity to start your transaction. First, you need to fill out a form and wait for the CHR Personnel to call you to review your details and documents. Then wait for the Data Verificator to review your details in the portal. It is a must for you to have an account on LTO LMS Portal now so I suggest that you create your account first before heading to LTO. Next step is the Application Fee which costs ₱100 and Biometrics (photo op and signature). Then go to the Examination Room and wait for your turn to take the exam. 

At the examination room, every taker is given an hour to finish the computerized examination. You will be monitored through a webcam attached to your monitor and it will take your image before starting the exam. You will be continually recognized until you log out. Once the webcam did not recognize your image, the monitor will automatically turn off and you have to enter your login details again. But don't panic because your work is automatically saved. You have to remove your mask if the camera fails to recognize you. There is a plastic barrier for every cubicle. You can choose a Tagalog or English exam and you can also review your answers when you are done answering and haven't submitted yet. But once you hit submit, it will automatically check your answers and will reveal your score if you pass or fail. There are 60 items for Non-Pro and Pro examination and the passing rate is 48/60. You need to capture the screen of your result and give it to the examiner as a proof for verification of your exam result. You will also get your exam results via email. This is one of the pros of having a system in the transactions at LTO because even the receipts are uploaded at the portal. If you fail the exam, you need to retake the day after and repeat the transactions again from  the beginning. After passing the exam, you will proceed to the other side of the building for the practical driving examination. 

Practical driving fee is ₱250 if you are going to rent a car or have your own car at ₱120. I prefered to rent since their car is smaller than mine but I am suggesting that you use your own because their car is not in the best condition to drive though. 😂 Needless to say, I still remember how embarrassed I was because I don't know how to use their clutch as it is different from ours. Before riding in the car, the examiner will explain to you the do's and don'ts and when to stop the practical driving exam. Unfortunately I wasn't able to execute parallel parking perfectly on my actual exam due to nervous and the car provided was different from what I use. The examiner said that I don't have to do it perfectly just so I should remember that I should not hit the cones, a person or another car to avoid failure in the practical exam. Honestly, it makes me anxious because it wasn't a route I expected because it is not a flat surface and narrow, lol. Even though I didn't ace the parallel parking, I passed the practical driving examination. The guy after me didn't pass because the examiner have to stop him from taking the practical driving exam due to a cone hitted while backing up.

Upon passing the two exams the last step is to wait for your License Card releasing and paying for the License Fee. License fee is ₱585 and for new applicants you are given 5 years before the expiration and renewal. For renewal process, if you have no violation you will be granted a 10 years validity and for those who have a violation, 5 years validity will be given. Renewal applicants also need to take the CDE or the Comprehensive Drivers Examination via LTO Portal and Medical Examination. I was able to breathe after that and still in awe that I was able to pass this new LTO Licensing system. Now I have the License to drive safely on the road.

All thanks to God for giving me the strength and opportunity to pass my examinations and to 707 Driving Academy for the lectures, tips and advice on driving safely on the road and passing the licensure examination. 

707 Driving Academy - Concepcion Branch

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