Homeschooling with Chosen Education

Last year I wasn't able to enroll with a homeschooling provider because I was late. My daughter had to attend her Online Distance Learning with the same school. But given the entire time, I was also searching and thinking if I can really pursue homeschooling with a provider for this year. We just finished her Pre-K before attending Grade 1 Level. This year, given much thought and considerations, we decided to enroll Isobelle at Chosen Education under Casa Del Libro school. It was a brief vacation because but nevertheless, homeschooling can start anytime. 

Initially, I attended the Homeschooling Workshop under their provider. I choose the Independent Learning Program Curriculum so that I can choose the topics that I wanted and the way I teach for Isobelle and for her to easily understand her lessons. We are very lucky that Chosen Education provide everything that is needed for a beginner like me. The lessons that are already MELC based or DepEd Curriculum is already provided, the supplementary books and even the worksheets can be download. I just look out for other activities since Isobelle is answering them so fast. 

Aside from the learning materials and supplemental worksheets and lessons, Chosen Education also provide weekly workshop exclusively for the parents of Chosen Education students. At first we attended a one time workshop that issued Certificate of the training that we can use if ever DepEd ask us what training did we undergo before homeschooling. I just feel like, every part of Chosen makes me feel lucky that I made the right choice of choosing them as our first homeschool provider.

Every week, the children have E-dialogue with their teacher and their classmates. As of this writing, we are already in our third week and I still can't believe that we are now enrolled with a homeschooling provider. I find the subjects hard because I have to teach additional subjects for this year, let alone we have Filipino subjects now. But I also glad because YouTube and Google is very reliable when it comes to visual lessons. Our previous homeschooling years taught me that Isobelle is easily learning her lessons when she watches it over video. She is now eager to read and write unlike before. I also added writing and reading curriculum as well as cut and paste activities for her so that I can compile that into her lapbook or even portfolio.

For the weekly workshop for parents, I learned about a good app I can use not just for our homeschooling journey but also with my daily planning or work. I learned about Notion and its uses and how flexible it is even you have a free account. I also gather advice on how to be an effective homeschooler while working, tips and tricks for our little ones to retain engagement with homeschooling activities and also parenting tips from co-parents who also experience the same dilemma with each and everyday of our lives.

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