FAQS on How to Pay Overdue Primewater Bill

I've been receiving lots of questions regarding the payment of overdue Primewater bill at my Youtube Channel and also at my facebook page. Some are also asking if it is still working and what app supports payment of overdue Primewater bill. I decided to write a separate blog post for this matter so I can direct them here if they ask same questions again.


1. Question: Is payment of overdue Primewater bill still working?
Answer: Yes

2. Question: What apps or payment facilities supports payment of overdue Primewater bill?
Answer: Apps that I already tried working at my end are GCash, Paymaya, BDO, BPI, Coins.ph, Bayad Center and AllEasy App

3. Question: Can I still pay my overdue Primewater bill after I receive a disconnection notice?
Answer: I don't advise paying them when a disconnection notice is already sent to home address. Kindly settle your accounts via Primewater office to avoid disconnection of your water meter. Or pay at your own risk.

4. Question: Can I still pay my overdue Primewater bill after a month?
Answer: Yes and No. Yes if you haven't receive a disconnection notice and No if you don't want to take a risk of possible disconnection if the payment didn't push through.

5. Question: What if I don't have online apps or payment facility to pay for my overdue Primewater bill?
Answer: One of my subscriber mentioned that you can pay your overdue Primewater bill via 7-Eleven Kiosk without the need to tweak the subscriber account number of ATM reference number. I just haven't tried it yet.

6. Question: How can I pay my overdue Primewater bill online?
Answer: You can refer to my tutorials linked in this post on how to pay them online. But the main tutorial is at my youtube channel. You can visit it here: https://youtu.be/TnMlSbZzfVc

7. Question: What should I use in the Account Number?
Answer: If you are paying via apps that I mentioned, you should use the ATM reference number listed in your Primewater bill. If you have an overdue payment, follow my tutorial on my youtube channel.

8. Question: What should I do if I have a penalty in total amount due of my Primewater bill? 
Answer: I haven't tried this yet but a friend suggested to pay the overdue bill with penalty using GCash  App and select E-Prime Solutions instead of Primewater.

9. Question: How will I know that my payment is posted with Primewater?
Answer: Once you have processed your payment with an overdue Primewater bill using the apps I mentioned, list down your payment reference number in your printed bill so you can access them anytime. Some Primewater field tech doesn't have an access or updated with who have already paid online so it is reliable to have them with you if they visited your home for a possible disconnection. Your payment via GCash and Paymaya are posted in real time or within 24 hours. However, if you use a bank payment facility it will be posted 2-3 days. If however, you still wanted to check, you can send an email during office hours at Primewater's email accounts listed in your Primewater bill or call their Office.

10. Question: How much is the charge or fee for overdue Primewater bill payment?
Answer: Payment facilities like GCash, Paymaya, and Bayad Center add a Php5 charge for processing your fee. But the pro here is your payment is posted in real time. If you use bank facility, charge is FREE but you have to wait for 2-3 days before the payment in posted.

I will update any other questions I might receive next time through this post so that everyone can be updated. I hope that this post could help others who are looking for ways to pay an overdue Primewater bill.

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