Minimalist Home Office Revamp

I've been working at home since late 2010 after resigning at a BPO company. My former colleague introduced me the basics of working online through oDesk (now called Upwork) and since then, I grasped the opportunity to learn working at the comfort of our home. 

Honestly, the route wasn't that easy and it is expensive. I have to set up my office at home and need to have an internet connection. 10 years later as working from home becomes in demand alongside the pandemic crisis, getting a client may it be part time or permanent is hard nowadays. But I was lucky that two of my client get me onboard directly and we left Upwork due to higher fees. 

This was my old table and chair, way back 2011 when I first acquired it

It took me more than 10 years to finally set up a new desk for my work. At first I bought a minimalist cabinet for my files and also our homeschooling files as well. I always wanted to have one. 

My minimalist drawer:

This was the 2nd setup of my office

I used the free bedside table with our stovetop so I can have a small space but later on decided to switch back since the table is too small and not that sturdy enoough. And if I use my husband's laptop, which is bigger than the laptop I am using, then the table will not be enough.

After that, since we started homeschooling when Isobelle graduated from Kindergarten, I also bought a Canon Pixma G1020 printer for our printing needs. Having my HP deskjet before is super expensive to maintain because of the catridge even though I got the printer for a low price. Now I have to look for a more expensive printer but cheaper ink.
Canon G1020

When I receive my yearly Gift Pass from SM, I decided to use it for buying my office desk. Finally, I was able to score one this time. Although at first I didn't like the color because of wood and black aesthetique. which is different from my "white minimalist" desire, I tend to realize that having white desk would be bothersome to make it clean everytime. Besides, my printer which is black in color blends well with it. 

My new desk office from SM Dept Store: Yori Noji Office Desk

Now, I was able to put my photobooks and our wedding album on my desk since there are shelves

My cabinet or drawer somehow blends with my laptop as well. I am currently using my husband's old laptop since Chromebook doesn't support Canon printing. Then came my office chair which I dreamt of replacing for how many years already but I am also having second thoughts because I can still use my old one. Until one day I can no longer fixed the backrest of it. And scored a sale at Lazada with something I like. I choose black again even though my first choice was white or grey but I can't find cheaper than this one.

My new Reclining Mesh Home Chair from Lazada: Unbox with Me

Lastly, I was also able to buy a wireless keyboard with mouse for my easy typing/ My work requires data entry most of the time and having a good keyboard and working mouse easy to navigate with is important to me. I choose white so it blends well with my current laptop. My only worry is that I hope the keys will not fade easily this time. 

White in progress

My new wireless mouse and keyboar from A4Tech

My home office is now 90% complete since I still wanted to have a desktop this time rather than a laptop. But I have to prioritize buying other things first before I got a hold of a new desktop. Hopefully soon. 

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