Homeschooling 2nd Grade: Apps We Use This Year

It's almost end of 1st quarter. I can't believe we are about to close a quarter of our 2nd grade homeschooling. This year, we aim for a different curriculum and when I am about to start I thought this journey will not be fitted for us. A month after we finish our 1st grade with flying colors, we already started grasping the next grade level. In the midst of taking vacations and spending most of our quality time at home with daddy, we cannot deny the fact that homeschooling and choosing this is the best decision we ever made for Isobelle's education. We still miss our regular school set up but undeniably, homeschooling made our mother daughter relationship grow further. 

With our 2nd grade, we use different set of apps to accompany our everyday lessons and to broaden our knowledge with every topic in each subject. I love the fact that Casa Del Libro now supports video lessons which is really necessary for us, visual learner. I remember last year I was always cramming looking up for appropriate video that we can use so that Isobelle can understand every topic way easier than just lectures at all. Let me share our common apps and websites that we use this year.

1. Youtube - no doubt youtube has been a favorite companion in each lesson because Youtube got it all. We just need to click lessons that is already equipped in each weekly lesson in our academic budget. Casa Del Libro also provides additional sources and I love it!

2. Quizizz - Last year we hardly attend E Dialogues class because most of the activity are arts and Isobelle is not yet ready for some activity that the teacher laid us. However, this year, E Dialogues concentrated on each subject every quarter so we are encourage to attend every week. For this, the teacher is using Quizizz website for the kids to answer seatwork or ice breaker games. It is an interactive website and kids love to participate every time the teacher have this prepared for the children.

3. edclub - Since attending E Dialogues sometimes required children to answer through a chat box, I decided to have Isobelle's first grasp of ICT subject. For her hands on activity, I sign her up for edclub, a typing lesson where she can practice using the keyboard and upgrade her skills in typing. I can still remember when I was in elementary, I also have Computer Subject and we learned about the basics of computer and hands on activity just like this.

4. Koobits - This is our first time to use a paid app for Isobelle's love for learning Math. Our school offers a discounted subscription for a year and can even pay for it on a quarterly basis. I grab the opportunity to subscribe on it so we can also add additional exercises or activity for her Math subject. We've been trying it out for a week and some lessons are quite useful and easy for her to answer.

These are the new apps we've been using this homeschooling year and I am glad that I can have additional resources and activity for her. Do you also homeschool like us? Do you also use apps for your homeschooling lessons? Let me know in the comment section.

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