Review: A4Tech FG1010 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

I’ve recently purchased the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse at Lazada after adding it to cart for a month of waiting. I used to have a wired keyboard but then the keys of it started to fade one by one because I am a heavy keyboard user. My work requires typing data every day and having a reliable keyboard is really a must for me. Although I am using a laptop, I can’t speed up my typing with the laptop keyboard because I need to type out numbers too. I also have a wireless mouse, however it consumes monthly battery and this A4tech is already a combo so I have no other choice but to avail it too. 

I had an unboxing video of this through my Youtube channel but now, I think I have to write my own review since some of my viewers are asking about it. I won’t go into much details since it is already listed in Lazada.

I got it last March 31 and I am using the free battery for the keyboard and my Eneloop battery for the mouse. The keyboard free battery is still working even if there is no off button when I am not using it. While the mouse battery has been charged twice already since March. It is still much better than my other mouse which I charged monthly.

Keys are still not fading which is superb feature because it is hard to find keycaps stickers that fits entirely for a keyboard that some ended up buying a new keyboard instead. I am not keen on buying mechanical keyboard because it is costly and I just use this keyboard mainly for work. Keys are soft to touch and responsive. The only thing that fade is the Fstyler logo underneath the keycaps.

Although the keyboard is white in its color, it is easy to clean and aesthetically compatible with my white laptop. According to Lazada it is covered with 1-year warranty but knowing A4tech, the most common keyboard way back high school, I know for sure that this keyboard will last long.  

Mouse has its own on/off button but sometimes I forgot to turn it off. Also, I like the fact that it has only 1 Bluetooth connector both for keyboard and the mouse. I find it space saver for the laptop since I only have 3 usb slot available. The only problem is, this white A4Tech Fstyler has the orange connector available. LOL.

This A4tech Fstyler FG1010 is a great deal and cost less than 1000 for a combo wireless keyboard and mouse already. You can also save up for the battery usage because they claim that it can last up to 1-year (mine is 6 months already and still working fine). If you want other color, they also have a black version of this. The black version is much cheaper than the white one too!

If you have any other question feel free to ask me via comment section or send a DM through my facebook page.

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