Huawei Band 6

It’s been 4 months since I started to use the Huawei Band 6 that my husband gifted me for my birthday. I am not into fitness tracking nor a fitness buff but I find this watch useful and reliable on data that I wanted to keep track.

The Huawei Band 6 helps you keep track of your health. Some notable features that I like about it are: exercise monitoring including your number of steps and even the number of times you are moving, sleep tracking your bed time and how many hours you sleep during the night even your nap time. It even monitors your REM and if you are only sleeping lightly. 

I also love that it can monitor your breathing and stress levels in a day. You know how stressful it is nowadays and you just can’t imagine how your health is affected with your daily routine. It also helps me with keeping up my message notifications and when someone is calling even if my phone is not nearby. One more thing I love is the “find my phone” feature wherein I can easily ring my phone without the need to call. There is also a shutter button feature if you are a selfie queen/king and you can’t reach your phone or not using a selfie stick. You can also track your monthly period, your mood, control your music player and have a mini flashlight.

However, there are also cons using the Huawei band 6. I notice that the battery usage fluctuates when you are using it too much for exercise. Even the syncing of data is not as fast as it can be to match on the Health app installed in my phone. Also, some data can only be accessible through its app.

I also love the fact that it is scratch resistant as the screen protector is too expensive.  

The Huawei Band 6 is lightweight to wear. It also said that it is water proof but I just remove it when I am taking a shower just to be safe. Every month Huawei has challenges that rewards you medal or some Huawei gifts when you achieve it. So far I have attained to reach some challenges and I am glad looking at my progress.

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