Car Registration Renewal at LTO 2023

One of the hot topic that is being discussed in our Facebook group (Hyundai Reina owners) is about the registration of cars after the three years’ free registration from dealer. There has been some confusion since there are two scenarios and 2 things to be considered. There is a difference with the last renewal date and the schedule of ending number of the licence plate issued. We all know that yearly renewal of registration is scheduled according to the last digit of our car’s plate number. But in our case, the expiry of the car registration is earlier than the schedule of the released plate number. Our car was first registered last February 2020 and we got our plate number with ending digit “0” that falls with the schedule of October. So the confusion started with the inquiry among members and gave us different answers since some said that we should follow the plate number and some did say that we should follow first the OR CR date.

In our case, the answer is we need to register additional months after February 2023 (March – October) so we can align our registration to its original schedule on October 2023. If you happen to have your license plate schedule ahead of your OR CR date, you need to follow the last digit of license plate month schedule instead of your OR CR so you won’t have an additional registration afterwards. Don’t worry as your registration fee will also be computed accordingly and will be adjusted just like ours.

I wasn’t able to visit the nearest LTO branch here so what I did was to submit an email to LTO Client Care ( from LTO’s website. After a few hours, I got a reply and they answer my inquiry in detail but also advised me to still ask our nearest LTO for the other info (Emission Test) if it is also required for additional months of registration.

I also asked the nearest LTO Accredited MVIC (8 Gears MVIC Rosario Branch) here at our location since they offer a one stop shop renewal of registration if they also additional or extension of registration. I was also happy and satisfied with how they handle the inquiry so I am thinking of going there for my actual renewal of registration on October to align our registration correctly.

Apart from this since I cannot call the LTO office, I asked for my cousin who is currently working at LTO Lipa Branch to confirm the details that I gather from asking LTO Client Care and LTO Accredited MVIC. And yes, it was confirmed that the answer to both channels are indeed correct.

Requirements for Renewal of Registration with Additional/Extension months

  1. Latest copy of your car’s OR/CR

  2. CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) Insurance. It protects the owner from financial liability to anyone injured or killed by the insured vehicle. Most LTO offices have insurance agent on-site but you can opt to get elsewhere (Cebuana, M Lhuillier are some options and cheaper). I got mine from an agent beside the the office of 707 Driving Academy – Concepcion branch where I enrolled before for practical driving course

  3. Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR). This is also available from the PETC where you obtained your car engine and chassis stencil procedure. The stencil will be attached on the MVIR form and the authorized LTO Inspection aide will check and record the functional parts of your vehicle. It will also indicate if you pass or fail the inspection of your vehicle.

  4. Copy of your valid ID or License

Since I got my stencil done outside the LTO premises, I got another MVIR upon inspection of our car after giving them the requirements listed above.

Steps on Car Registration Renewal with Additional/Extension months

  1. Complete first the mentioned requirements above for hassle free transaction inside the LTO Batangas District Office. Since I got mine beforehand and it was just located in front of LTO Batangas 

  2. District Office, I was able to process mine easily and fast.

  3. Once your requirements are complete, head to the nearest LTO District Office (mine was LTO Batangas District Office) to process your registration. Present all your requirements to an authorized LTO Inspection aide. He will examine your vehicle, checking of headlights, signal lights, wiper, break lights and EWD. Just listen to the Inspector as he might tell you other things to check aside from the things I mentioned. All items checked will then be recorded in your MVIR form. After inspection, he will give back the documents and queue number for payment.

  4. Go to the District Office building and present your documents to the LTO evaluator who will review all of your documents before submitting them to the office for processing and for payment. 

  5. Wait for the cashier to call your name. When it is your turn, proceed to the Cashier to pay the Registration Renewal Fee and/or any other fees that may be applicable. In our case, we need to pay the additional or extension of registration fee for months of March – October since our registration expires on February and our schedule should be on October. He will also issue your Official Receipt (OR).  

  6. See your next schedule or validity of your registration in the OR printed. Since my vehicle should be scheduled on October, I need to go back and renew our registration again so that our vehicle registration will be aligned with the correct registration schedule.

How long did it take for the whole procedure to finish?

The stencil procedure and acquiring of CTPL insurance is less than 20 minutes and since the LTO Batangas District Office is just in front of it, it took me just another 28 minutes to finished the entire process from inspection (3:20PM – 3:28PM) to payment (3:33PM to 3:48PM) because there are no other vehicles lined up and the queue for payment is just a few clients. Today is Monday and I was expecting long queues since I also go there in the afternoon instead of morning as what others are usually doing that they ended up falling in long queues.

Please note that this transaction will not be available yet through your LTMS Portal if you are a registered user since this is not the actual registration renewal of your vehicle. This is for Additional Registration only and you need to go back again on your actual registration to finally have your vehicle listed in the LTO Portal.

Payments Incurred with the Additional Registration Renewal

Please note that payments vary with the following factors: (1) The LTO evaluator will be the one who will assess the renewal fee based on your OR CR Copy; (2) CTPL Insurance; (3) Stencil Fee.

Additional Registration Fee: ₱1210

Stencil Fee: ₱100

CTPL Insurance: ₱600

Other fees like late registration, transfer of branch, computation of Additional Registration Fee will be computed depends on your OR CR Copy and District Office where you will apply. It is advisable to inquire ahead of your schedule so you can get ready with requirements and payment fee covered.

I was relieved now that I finished registering our vehicle before our due date on February. I am thankful that my former Driving Instructor Sir Arvin helped me and guide me with this whole procedure and advised me to accomplished it today directly at the LTO Batangas District Office. This helped me understand more how to register a vehicle without asking for others to do it in my behalf since I also wanted to do things on my own. Luckily, I got a free schedule today and no long queues at the LTO Batangas District Office. Hoping that when I renew our registration once again on October, it will also be a hassle free transaction just like this.

You can also watch my vlog regarding this topic for a Tagalog/Filipino version. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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