Hello Year 2023: Braces Removal and Wearing Hawley Retainers

As 2023 approaches, I decided to finally get my retainers on since my orthodontist advised me a month before that I can have it done before the year ends. I first got my braces back in May 2019 and got it removed by December 2022. It could have been shortened if pandemic didn't occur. I also was skipping some months even after the pandemic because of my schedule. I've shared my braces journey in my vlog recently. 

Wearing my Hawley retainers is a bit off at first because my bite is not used to having such thing in my mouth. I thought I have to wear them 24/7 just like the braces but I didn't have to. I need to remove them before eating which I found much complicated than ever. My dentist told me that I need to wear my retainers in a span of how long I also wear my braces. This is to ensure that my teeth will not move back again into a crooked one. I also need to visit the dental clinic twice or thrice in a year for cleaning. 

Pros of wearing retainers

  • Easy cleaning
  • I can remove it if I need to
  • I can chew my food properly now unlike before that I am always thinking my bracket might break
  • It can improved the wearing of braces for a long time since it will keep your teeth from shifting back
Cons of wearing retainers
  • When I am outside and I need to remove it if I need to eat anything. So if I know for sure I am going to have a snack, I just left it at home.
  • I always forgot to wear them again after lunch and then time passes so I am technically only wearing them atleast 12 hours in a day only.
Ever since my braces removal I can see clearly how my teeth transform into a beautiful smile. Whenever I see my teeth now, I can hardly imagine my consciousness of smiling because of my crooked teeth. I can also brush my teeth diligently now since there's no more gum bleeding. I can floss regularly without a fuss of getting the floss stuck in between my braces. Glad that I invested in getting my braces and I can smile confidently now more than ever.

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