Smile Transformation by Lacsamana Dental

When I was still young, I am always bullied for my crooked teeth. But before, having braces is not of priority mainly because it is too expensive and in the norms, having braces is just a "show off" not just to serve its purpose which is to make your teeth alignment correct. Smiling is always an awkward one because the crooked teeth might show so much that it will be an attention to those gazing at pictures.

Having an appointment with dentist is also not regular, only when I need to have my annual prophylaxis. Yes, not the usual twice a year, thus I develop a gingivitis due to heavy eating of sweets and drinking coffee and not properly caring my teeth. Whenever I visit a dentist, they would always advice me to the obvious, "have braces, we'll guarantee you that your teeth will be back to its shape". But I always insist that it is not of my top priority back then. I always thought that one day, all the teeth will be gone and there is a need for the denture when I got old. Apparently, my upper tooth move from time to time that I notice it begin to move backwards and backwards. So, I decided that this year, it is the best time to do this. To brave this out: wearing braces!

The Dentist at Lacsamana Dental, Dr. Ailyn Cruzette Lacsamana, is our relative and I've known her since highschool because we're actually neighbors. I've already recommended some of my cousins to her because I've seen her patients' transformation updates through their facebook page. When I had mine, I already referred 5 including my friends, and I accompany my niece too, same schedule as mine. What I like about it is even if I regularly visit the Dental office, she didn't force me to have my braces done. She really respect each patient to have their own decision before doing something, may it be braces or dental filling. Like for example when my niece only wants her upper teeth to have braces first instead of both upper and lower.

So it was May 18, 2019 when I got my braces. I'll share with you the 6 months transformation that Lacsamana Dental did to my teeth. You can easily recognize how my teeth move in that span of months and how amazing the transformation. 

On my first month, 2 weeks after, I already see the result. Seeing this result, I posted it on my facebook account and I got several questions via PM asking where I got my braces and how much. My Umpe decided to also bring her son to Dr. Lacsamana for braces. A few weeks after, she message me again and told me that it is the best decision ever because their son's teeth improved faster than they could imagine.

On the 2nd and 3rd month, Dr. Lacsamana fixed my upper arch and noticeably changes in my lower crooked teeth.

On the 4th month, I have my first molar tooth extraction at the lower arch. It is my 2nd experience of tooth extraction apart from when I was 7 years old which resulted to a crooked permanent second premolar. I was really afraid of the needle! Needless to say I have low tolerance of pain but Doctor Pam who was the assigned dentist that time assured me that it will be fast and not to worry. It was the teeth I was always complaining because the dental filling from the other dental clinic makes my tooth ache after a year.

On my 5th month, Dr. Lacsamana put the coil spring on my lower arch. I also got my 2nd tooth extraction on the upper right arch because of the overbite after fixing the arch.

On my 6th, I had my left upper tooth extraction again. This will be the last (hopefully) as she mentioned we need to fix the overbite. Dr. Lacsamana also attach a band to help fix my gap. It hurts for a few days but thankful that my eating habits wasn't affected.

You can see the transformation I had from each month and in the span of only 6 months, I can't believe exactly how it took toll to my smile this time around. I can confidently smile now without the need to be conscious when someone look at my teeth.

The only crooked now is the lower "permanent" tooth I have, and Dra mention to me that on my next visit, we will need to attach a bracket on that one so it will be pull up align with others.

I can't wait for the next adjustment results!

Lacsamana Dental Clinic is located at P.Burgos St. Batangas City. For appointment and inquiry call: (043) 984 5307.

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