Monte Maria Shrine and Mt. Salvation

When Taal Volcano erupted, we were just arriving at Monte Maria Shrine and we don't exactly know the current situation of Taal. It's just that we saw a "tornado like" cloud form upon entering the vicinity. It was captured with my video though. We weren't able to attend the full mass but people we're really unaware of the situation, until lightning strikes.

It wasn't my first time to visit Monte Maria. The first time I got here, the face of the Mother of All Asia is the only pilgrim with it's big hands open up for everyone. My first visit was for my Civil Service Examination intention. After taking the morning exams, I asked hubby that we go there to ask for guidance so I can atleast pass the exam. Luckily, I did.

It took me 5 years again to visit the Monte Maria Shrine. This time, the Mother of All Asia Tower of Peace is already built fully. The centerpiece is the 322 feet (98.15 meters) Statue of Mary, MOTHER OF ALL ASIA, which is dedicated to Unity and Peace of the peoples and countries of this part of the world.

It is indeed breath taking to see the towering piece as you took steps that leads to the pilgrimage center.

This time, we also get to see the La Pieta Mt. of Salvation at the other side near the exit. It was only a cross back then. Now, it is surrounded with different statues for prayer and vigil as you see the beautiful background of the island and sunset if you're lucky to be there in the afternoon.

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