Bangihan Ni Kuya sa Candelaria

This has been long overdue but I will still share our lunch date with you last February 2. Yes, we celebrated our advance Wedding Anniversary since hubby is going back to Saudi. Sadly, we always have to make a choice between spending holidays together or savoring our Valentine's Day and Wedding Anniversary. Of course, I wouldn't trade spending holidays, Christmas and New Year's Eve for now because it's a bit sad if we tend to spend it alone apart. 

Originally plan was to spend it at Tagaytay area but since #TaalEruption2020 happened, we couldn't avail to wander at that part. So we decided to just have our Sunday Family day at Girasoles Farm (I'll have a separate post about this, don't worry) and chose Bangihan ni Kuya for our lunch date.

Bangihan ni Kuya is strategically located near at Girasoles Farm. The place is big enough to cater different size of family, barkada or even the whole clan. The staff told us that ever since Girasoles Farm was renovated, people dining here started to pile up for lunch, merienda and even dinner time.

There is a bar which serves pizza and coffee at the left side of the main entrance.

I took a shot of one of the staff who's fond of Isobelle while roaming around and asking for ice cream. It made difference whenever a staff of a place or restaurant is catering Isobelle's needy attitude and being makulit. For me, as a mother, being friendly and nice is above all service people can do for my daughter.

It just left me wondering how they manage to pull off serving people at different spots. Yes, they have different spots for dining. Tables are scattered at the whole vicinity.

For lunch, we ordered the favorites, Sisig, Inihaw and of course the Sinigang. And, my favorite drink Buko Juice will also not be left out whenever I dine somewhere else where Filipino dishes are served.

There is also a Pasalubong area where you can buy Quezon's delicacies. I tried their Suman sa Lihiya (Sumang Magkayakap sa amin) and I like it.

While waiting, we roam around the area and have some pictures taken. Too many spots to take pictures! Husband told me "Dito pa lang sa Bangihan, okay na ako, baka di na tayo makapagpicture sa Girasoles". If only we have spare time to chill and relax with the place, still cozy even though the tables are all occupied, we could have time to make Isobelle play at the playground. Good thing that she didn't notice that area at all. Hence, no picture too!

Even the parking area is large enough to cater cars and have some selfie at their one a of a kind "Bangihan ni Kuya" logo at the front.

If I have to rate the place from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, I'll rate it a 4.5. The only con is that the service is too slow since they are servicing people from different points of the area. But staff we're attentive, it just really takes time to cater our needs. 

If you want to watch our vlog about our trip to Candelaria, watch this in HD: #ARfamily Goes to Candelaria

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