Girasoles Farm: New Tourist Spot at Candelaria

Situated at Brgy. Masin Sur Diversion Road Candelaria is another tourist spot proudly presented to tourist who have an eye for different varieties of flowers. Hence, partnership took place along Allied Botanical, Sakata Seeds, Gov. Dante Suarez of Quezon and of course Mrs. Mavivian to turn Angel's Sunflower Farm into Girasoles Farm and launched Flower Festival last January 25, 2020. 

Girasoles means Sunflower in Italian. I am fond of looking through flowers and this has been one of the best garden that was once a wasteland. It turns out an instant hit to different walks of life, adult, teens and group of friends and families who wanders in an open field of flowers. The farm also features different festivals:

There seems to be many tourist when we visit because it was already going viral and instant hit to instagrammers. It was a windy Sunday indeed and huge crowd waiting patiently for their turn to take a picture at spots. There's the common spot which has a huge tagline "Life is Better at the Farm", unfortunately we didn't capture our photos there but don't fret because a lot of farm goers have a shot of it, just search google. :D

You can also have your souvenir after your trail at the Sunflower Maze. Don't forget to drop by their stalls next to entrance. Have their delicacies and take home some Sunflower crafts. We have a Ref Magnet for our collection, our 2nd province by the way.

For directions on how to get there, you can follow the trails via Google Map. You can also visit their facebook page to know how to get there via commute.

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