Paypal to Paymaya with Zero Fees

Just recently I've been looking for ways to withdraw my hard earned money. I have been reading feedbacks from our facebook group Online Filipino Freelancers. They have different options, GCash, Payoneer and Paymaya. Withdrawing from bank nowadays seems to be in distress because of the Covid-19 situation. So, I tried to choose Paymaya since GCash have also errors from time to time.

I've been using Paymaya for few months now and I like how seamless it works from cashing in and out, bills payment and mobile reload, plus the incentives I got previously from the rebates which GCash no longer serves. To top it all, Paymaya also offers their virtual card which can be used as Visa card for online transactions.

Reminder: I access all of this through my mobile phone browser and Paymaya app.

First, I link my Paypal account to my Paymaya. Make sure you have atleast Php100 before doing this because Paypal will be crediting Php100 for verification. Rest assured that it will be reflected back once your Paypal and Paymaya is verified.

1. Log in to Paypal Account
2. Scroll down through Bank and Cards and click Link a Bank or Card.
3. Click Link a debit or credit Card
4. Open your Paymaya App and click through My Cards and Online Payment Card Number.
5. Go back to your Paypal account and supply the information based on your Paymaya virtual card.
6. You will be charged Php100 and you will also received a Paypal code. Follow instructions from Paypal on where you can see the PPcode.
7. You will be notified upon successful linking of your Paymaya to your Paypal account.

Now let's get on to your withdrawal process. There are two options to withdraw your money from Paypal to Paymaya Virtual Card.

1. Click Transfer Funds.
2. Select Transfer Money From Peso or Dollar Wallet
3. Choose your Bank and Options if Instant or Standard. Make sure that your Paymaya Visa is on the list.

A. Instant or Real Time Transfer with 1% fee (₱10.00 minimum and ₱500.00 maximum)
B. Standard 1-4 business day with a fixed fee of Php50

4. Put the amount you wish you transfer. 

For the sake of questions and of course options, I consider trying both of them.

First, I opt for #1 the Instant transfer. I withdraw Php500 from the Dollar Currency and I get the money in span of minutes with Php10 fee. See screenshot below.

Second, I opt for #2 the Standard transfer amounting above Php7000 but below Php10, 000 and I got ZERO FEES. Before, when we withdraw to bank, if the amount is 7k above, we also got zero fees but the days of transfer varied. Some would get it same day but others took 2-3 business days. However, when I tried it today via Paymaya Standard transfer, I got it real time. Yes, real time with Zero Fees. See screenshot below.

If you want to know the fees, you can try it beforehand as Paypal will calculate it first before asking you to transfer it to your account.

For further questions, don't hesitate to ask via comment section or send a message through: 

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  1. Thank you for this sir. May I ask if what account type would you prefer for a starting freelancer? Personal or Business?

    1. It is always safe to use Personal if you use for your freelancing services. Business would ask you documents regarding your business though.


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