Learning Through Koobits Math

When we enrolled with our homeschooling provider, they have option for other subscription and learning areas that we can add with our curriculum. Although I was expecting that our program supports more than the others coming from the word “Digi” I was a bit disappointed that it doesn’t have much freebie unlike other programs. But, the school provides us a subscription for Koobits this year. We are given a discounted subscription for Koobits Math for a year. I grab this opportunity even if I know that I will not entirely rely on this but this is helpful enough for our Math subject since it does have video presentations and quizzes for each lesson. We use for our 2nd quarter lessons because of the addition and subtraction lessons that we need to take.

A Koobits Math subscription includes a Premium and Standard subscription. It has annual billing of 6000 for the Standard plan which is similar to half the tuition fee already but cheaper for tutorial lesson exclusively. However, I still find it expensive since there are already free Youtube videos now. Our school was given a requirement for a minimum number of students needed in order to have a discounted subscription. Imagine, we saved 5000 from the annual billing and we have an option to pay quarterly. Koobits Math has DepEd Curriculum and Singapore Curriculum so you can have advance lessons and even open from Level 1 – Level 6 of lessons plan. If your kid is always ready for a challenge and can work independently, Koobits is very much appropriate for you.

Here’s a look of our recent Koobits profile:

You can choose from Daily Challenge (random questions everyday), Mission (lessons with quizzes in the end), Multiplayer (you can have Koobits game with your classmates) and Assignment (a teacher or a parent can assign this). We mostly use Mission since I can just pick a lesson for the day and then take the quiz to see if she understand our lesson. You earned Koko Credits reward every after the mission which you can use the Story mode to unlock some options in there. We are at Level 16 for now for the Math since we rarely use this website. A parent can see each progress in the Report tab.

Learning Math through Koobits is fun and challenging. They offer Youtube videos that only subscribers can have access. They also provide explanation for the quizzes for the kids to find out if their answer is correct of wrong. 

I can only recommend Koobits for those who are likely to want their child learn independently and like to learn through visuals because it is really helpful in that area. But if your child hates to do Math may it be written or digital, then don’t subscribe at all for it will just be a waste. Every child has learning techniques and ability and can learn at difference pace. We do manual Math aside from this digital platform. We use Math counters for easy identification and apply Montessori method on some areas. We love Math and we wanted to learn Math in a fun way.

If you are interested with Koobits, maybe you can ask your school if they can also provide a plan pricing for every student who wants to subscribe too. I am sure that parents will love this to add in their daily school activity.

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