Virtual Tree Planting with GForest

I've been a GCash user for years and constantly they are including services that are beyond my imagination. One of it is GForest. What is GForest?GForest is a feature in the GCash App that gives you the power to help rebuild the Philippine forests, one tree at a time.

You can collect green energy in GForest by switching to green activities and reducing your carbon footprint. With enough green energy, you can adopt a native tree on your own or with other GCash users, and help rebuild Philippine forests.

You can earn green energy by using the GCash app in sending money, paying bills and converting your footsteps (from your fitness tracker). You can also collect green energy from your friends who is added in your list. Once you collected a certain amount of green energy, you can select from available trees and adopt them for planting. That way you help rebuild our forests with greener pasture. So far I have earned 3 certitificates and planted 3 kinds of trees in different location. Last year, some of GCash users were able to experience planting trees in designated areas like Ipo Watershed, Alaminos Carbon Forest, Luyang Watershed and South Cotabato and Sarangani Provinces. Diverse species of trees like Narra, Yakal, Molave, Guyabano and Coconut have been planted in these vulnerable locations nationwide, through GForest and its partners. How I wish I could also participate with the team!

Want to become a Green Hero today? Here's a tutorial on How do I plant a tree in GForest? Share your GForest to your family and friends so they can help plant tree virtually and influence them to practice more green habits.

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