Pizza Hut's Little Pizza Chef XP

When we started homeschooling I always look for activities that I can incorporate with lessons or even the actual activities that we can do at home and outside our homeschool. One of the things I really like Isobelle to learn while being independent, is life skills activity. This includes lots of small activities she can do inside and outside our home. When we are roaming at SM City Batangas, I saw the Pizza Hut's advertisement: Pizza Hut's Litle Pizza Chef XP. 

Pizza Hut’s Little Pizza Chef XP (LCP XP) is a pizza making activity prepared just for kids! Through this exciting offer, participants will get to experience what it’s like to prepare pizza from scratch the Pizza Hut way, using the freshest ingredients to create the fun and bold flavors that we’ve come to know and love!

Upon learning that it can be make solo, I instantly register with it because we focus on making the pizza without cramming and without pressure with Isobelle while making the pizza. The staff gave us the Pizza Making kit. It includes the pizza dough, the toppings or ingredients, the apron, lootbag (pencil, notepad, eraser), pizza chef paper hat and name tag.

An instruction was given for Isobelle to follow. Steps by step guide on how to make your own Pizza Hut Personal Hawaiian Pizza. Once you are done with making your pizza, the staff will bring it to the kitchen to bake it. The P199 kit is also inclusive of Iced Tea and Crispy Fries. After a few minutes, freshly baked pizza is served. I told her that she can have a slice and simply prepare my order in a plate. Although at the end, the Little Pizza Chef cannot contain herself and she ate my order. 

It was a simple life skill experience but Isobelle find it rewarding because she was able to prepare and make her own pizza. Pizza is one of her favorite food. Indeed, learning about life skills activity can be fun for kids. 

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