Movie Review: The Kissing Booth

Well everyone's been raving about this 2018 romantic comedy film, a Netflix Original and based on the same name book and since I am free from workload this past few days, I started binge watching again. So why not watch this movie too right? It took me 2 days to finish the film really because I have to watch other teleserye and of course my favorite The Originals. Now let me share my review of the film. Hmm, and also, who drives me to watch it this time? My husband. Sometimes, he kind of sort of drives me to watch some movies he already watched like how I got hooked with Pitch Perfect.

The Kissing Booth. Photo: Marcos Cruz/Netflix
The Kissing Booth is actually a mirror of our highschool memoirs. If you have fun during your highschool days, you might have notice that the popular booths were Marriage Booth and Jail Booth always hoping that you and your crush will end up on those booths. But who would have thought that The Kissing Booth will be a big hit too? Of finding true love in a forbidden man and about being true with your great bestfriend, Elle's long time fantasy end up crashing. 

You consider yourself lucky if you have a long time friend, a dear friend whom you always hang out with through all the misadventures and share your secrets with. It so happen that Elle and Lee Flynn has set up Rule of their friendship since they were six. And that includes to no secrets, being happy with your bestie's successes and most of all, Rule No. 9: Relatives of your bestfriend are totally off-limits. But who wouldn't fall for a hottie who's always just next to you? When Elle really couldn't help it and fall for it just because of the Kissing Booth. Yes, it all started in the Kissing Booth where Noah Flynn kissed her. And then the secrecy, lies and betrayal comes up. Moreover, friendship is almost over.

I love how the film tackles about relationships and friendship. It's like keeping the balance between the love of your life and still manage to keep up with your friend. We all know that once we are into relationship, some of our friends are gone. And sadly, you have to accept the consequences. But I love how Elle and Lee survive that chain. That they really get into Rule 18: Always be happy for your bestie's successes. It's actually a light film, the kissing is the only gross part for some minors of course. But hey, these are chick flicks way before, for us 90's kids. So I still love the movie though. I am actually recommending it because it's a good movie. And what I love about it is their prom night wherein it struck me that the best part of your life is really your high school days. They have bunch of photos from the Photobook Guy who randomly shots pictures of her classmates, candid and awkward in a memory lane. It's nice to always bring back memories and the photographs were amazing.

Have you watch this film? If no, then start watching it right now. If yes, then let's share some comments in the comment box. I need to find the book version too. 

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