How to Pay Your Meralco Bill via BDO Online Banking

Last week, I showed you how to create your Meralco Online account for you to manage your account as well as your monthly bill. Now, I will teach you on how you can pay your Meralco Bill via BDO Online Banking. 

First, we need to Enroll the Meralco biller on your BDO Online Banking
1. Login to your Meralco Account.

2. Click Bills and Payments Tab and click on Bills Summary.
By default, it will show you the unpaid bills you had with your account.

3. Click on the small icon like a Meralco Paper Bill to view your account details. 
It is the latest paperless billing of your Meralco Bill for the month.

4. You need to get the ATM/Phone Ref No that you will use with your BDO Biller Enrollment for the Subscriber Number field. Take the last 5 digits of the ATM/Phone Ref No that you will use the ATM/Phone Ref

Now, you need to login to your BDO Online Banking so we can enroll the Meralco Biller.
1. Login to your BDO Online Banking Account

2. Please check your account if you have sufficient balance to pay off your Meralco bill. 

3. Click Enrollment Services and choose Enroll Company/Biller

4. Select Meralco among the Biller.

5. Input the following details:
Subscriber Number: Account Number at the Upper Left of your Bill or the first 11 digit of your ATM Phone Ref.
Subscriber Name: Name of Account Holder

Hit Submit for successful enrollment of Meralco Biller.

6. Click on Bills Payment Tab and select Pay Bills and choose Pay this Company/Biller.

7. Select Enrolled Billers tab so you can see your enrolled Meralco Biller earlier.

8. Input the Amount, and the last 5 Digits of the ATM Phone Ref.

9. Hit Submit. You will receive your email notification for successful payment of your Meralco Bill online.

For banks, it will have 2-3 banking days before your payment is posted. That is why we need to pay our bill before it's due date so we don't have a problem paying the bill online. There is no service charge for the payment via BDO online banking. 

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