Apicuria Natural Oral Spray

Here in the Philippines, the weather changes drastically. It's been raining for a couple of days now and when the sun rises again, the weather is so hot. These changes has impact to our body as well. For my case, whenever it rains, my allergy is triggered. I sometimes have irritating throat due to this weather changes. And we all know that during this time, where COVID-19 is surfacing globally, having sore throat is sickening and alarming. 

A couple of weeks ago, I learned about this natural oray spray APICURIA. I love the fact that it is made natural and I got excited knowing that it is also lined up with Human Nature products. Before I share the deets, let me introduce a little background about Apicuria Natural Oral Spray first.

Apicuria Natural Oral Spray is made by social enterprise The BeEMPIRE which advocates beekeeping as a sustainable livelihood and as an integral part of crop production in the Philippines. Beekeeping can allow income generation through products made by bees such as honey, wax, royal jelly, and propolis. By building a community of beekeepers, The BeEMPIRE aspires to create a commercial value chain that produces a line of high-quality bee products.

APICURIA NATURAL THROAT SPRAY (12ml in spray bottle) is a special blend of Harlika Pure Honey, propolis, and natural herbs that may aid in the relief and faster recovery of minor throat and mouth irritation, cough, canker sores ("singaw") and halitosis (bad breath).

To help soothe sore throat or cough, simply spray 2 to 3 pumps on throat, mouth or affected area 3 times a day or as needed, preferably after meals. It is advisable to start at the first signs of sore throat or cough.

Aside from the weather changes recently, I've been into sweet cravings that is also one of the culprit of my sore throat. Since I got Apicuria handy, I spray 2 pumps to try it out. It taste natural and not like the medicines we used to take. My itchy sore throat becomes better before I go to bed. It is amazingly fast to relief itchiness of throat. This is why I recommended it to my mom who is from time to time experience itchiness on her throat. I can't wait for her feedback regarding Apicuria. I hope that it also works for her. Apicuria Natural Oral Spray is good for her since she's 60 already and been taking a lot of maintenance medicines. So an additional natural spray is superb and a plus factor for her.

Apicuria Natural Oral Spray is available at Apicuria website, Human Nature Online, and Human Nature Outlets. The Apicuria Natural Oral Spray in 12ml costs Php299 only.

For other details check their social media accounts:
Website: www.apicurianatural.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/apicuria
Twitter: www.twitter.com/apicuria
Instagram: www.instagram.com/apicuria/

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