Bayad Center App Registration and Top Up

Most days we fall in line with the Bayad Center Kiosk and right there we can pay every utility bill onhand even our Philhealth and SSS payment. I even dreamed of having one kiosk someday because it is easier for me to run the business itself. Having been a regular customers of online payment facilities which can give me the convenience of paying utility bills, reloading my cellphone and much more. Now, Bayad Center app has improved a lot.

Okay first, you have to download the Bayad Center app via Google Playstore. I am using Android phone so this tutorial is for Android users per se.

Sign up for an account.

Once verified, you can now log in to your account.

You also need to verify or upgrade your account so you can fully use the app's features.

You will be asked to upload your identification card, a selfie holding your card to fully upgrade your account. You may also opt for business application so you will receive a tarp and other materials.

Once upgraded, you can now top up your mobile wallet.

You will receive an email containing instruction on how to successfully reload your Bayad Center App wallet. There will also be a pop up instruction on how to top up your account.

Once it is verified, you will also receive an email and SMS that the transaction push through. If you want to know the status of your transaction you can access it at History.

I notice that the top up is about an hour for the wallet to replenish.

When you receive your money on your Bayad Center app, you can now pay your utility bills. A utility bill has rebate of Php1.00. You can also use the Bayad Center app for reload. Reload of mobile has 4% rebate.

Bayad Center App key features includes the following:

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