Globe Streamwatch Roku

Our TV has been with us since 2013 when we got married. It's not a Smart TV, just an LED type. Since my husband and I loves to watch movies and watching through phone kinda makes us not really enjoying the moment, my husband asked me if we can already buy a Smart TV so he can watch at the big screen. Apparently, our budget is not yet enough for buying one. I decided to look for an alternative and someone mention that a Roku device can make your LED TV turned into Smart TV.

I was about to buy an Amazon Fire stick since a lot recommends it compare to a Roku device but recently I learned that Globe has a Streamwatch Roku that I can avail on top of my internet bill. So I purchased one with my account. It took only a few days when the item arrived at our house.

Globe Streamwatch Roku is user friendly and easy to connect to. Contradicting to what others say, I must say that I connect it with my tv at ease.

The only problem I have with is the adaptor. Our TV wall mounted and the connectivity is at the back. While the USB plug of Globe Streamwatch Roku is long enough to be placed at the back, I look for a plug so I can use it at the side or anything. Luckily I got one at uGreen. I can now easily attach and detach my Globe Streamwatch and my Sky Direct HDMI cables. 

I thought this device can be used at different apps but sadly some apps are not supported already by Globe. Only Youtube and Netflix are the ones I can use as of the moment since I have to subscribe to other apps and pay for what I wanted to watch. I just hope they could add up iWant but to no avail even the HBO Go is no longer valid and even Disney Life.

But for now, atleast we can watch Netflix and Youtube at the big screen.

For other inquiries, you can check it here: Globe Streamwatch Roku

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