Post Education Because of COVID-19

It was a week or so and school year will be ending soon. And then COVID-19 happened. A week before the closing of school year, the school broke the news that the school week will end a day before the supposedly break from school year. It was Isobelle's Trimestral exam, Thursday when we heard the news again (for the 2nd time around after COVID-19 cases rise) that the last day will be today. It is now day 13 of the General Community Quarantine (after 2 months of Enhanced Community Quarantine). We weren't able to know the result of the the last exam and we have 1 exam left. Until school decided to not take it at all because the 1 month Enhanced Community Quarantine is still not enough for us to get back things to normal again.

We've been transitioning to homeschooling again since we don't know exactly when school days will be back or if it will be back again. DepEd announced to gather surveys on when school year should start for 2020-2021. Others opt for August instead of the regular June classes. While many tend to just give up this school year just so they will be assured that the pandemic will not be present anymore. Not risking the lives of their children of course.

In my opinion, I would rather wait for the next school year by 2021. If we are about to continue this August, aside from risk, the next school year will also be affected and might also start August. DepEd also thinks that the transition would be not at all normalize. It may be online classes or traditional or maybe mixed. 

But if Isobelle's school would allow us to enroll and take online classes with modular books incorporated so we can be qualified for Kinder 1, I might consider taking it. I wanted Isobelle to still learn while at home during those times that we can't go to school physically. Indeed, this will be a trial for us if we can handle "homeschooling with a provider" that is the regular school.

I am considering a homeschool provider for now, but really, we also need to weigh in the expenses we will incur if ever. I just want to also have a curriculum for Isobelle while we are learning at home and not just always have her curriculum for pre-school.

Online classes might be hard for many because not all household have a good grasp of internet connection. Some don't have a laptop at home and just use their cellphone and data for their internet allowance. Many parents are also inadequate of catering the enrollment tuition fees because of the current situation. 

It's hard to weigh in the pros and cons of the coming school days but it is also hard for us parents to just send off our children while the Pandemic is not yet fully recovered. 

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