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I admit that at the first thought of having a photobook will cost me shipping fee for every copy, I wasn't in the mood to create one. Even if a friend insisted me that the site itself always offer good deals, I was still hesitant to create photobooks for my entirely piling up pictures on the web and phone. I've always wanted to print them and arrange them neatly on an album but getting same photo album does not permit me to do so.

Nowadays that the mobile phone is so handy to capture every moment of your loved ones, it's hard to print them and costly. Last year, I created free chatbooks and asked my cousin to bring them over when they visit Philippines. But also same year granted me 5 free photobook using DIY Travel Philippines code: DIYTRAVELPBWW. The app itself also offer your first free so together, I got 6 free photobooks for free! That is Php1100 x 6 savings in all. I only got to pay the shipping fee which costs Php250 each. It's still a super savings at my end.

My verdict? Of course the common mishap among photobooks are paper quality vs print quality. It has a nice hardcover already. It has a matte finish. I actually didn't thought that the glossy one was not as nice as I expected. I didn't order for different quality because I have to pay for the upgrade of paper. But when my orders came, 4 of them are of matte finish, 1 is glossy and the other one is exactly same kind of our wedding album which is glossy with a texture.

I just didn't find the photos printed in a superb condition, as of course it basically depends on the quality of the photos you submitted. But with regards to printing quality, it is much better compare to chatbooks I had before. With chatbooks, I have this higher resolution photos submitted but it was not as clear and crisp as it was when it was printed.

Although the shipping fee is quite pricey (which is a bit expensive now as it increased to Php300 each instead of Php250), I must admit that having coupon codes is still way more inexpensive if I have to order with other photobooks available here in Philippines.

Good thing that Photobook Worldwide extends the DIY Travel code until April 2019. I've heard that you can still purchase another set of 5 free photobooks using another email. Hmm, I still got a lot of photos to print so maybe I'll use my husband email since I've already used up my slots.

So how do you treasure your memoirs? Have you tried printing out photos lately?

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