What To Do When You Feel Like You're Not In The Mood To Blog

I've been on a hiatus with writing recently and my post here are just out of "just because it needs to be written" and "draft posts" since last month. I haven't feel the writing vibe and feel some kind of tired and nothing to really write on to. Have you been in this kind of state before? 

Some would think that writing regularly on a blog is just some kind of writing anyone can do. But apparently, it's not. From regular post to writing reviews or tutorials, it requires a lot of effort to build up words into paragraphs and a decent blog post. What I normally do before is I have this activities that will keep me sane to write before I take a nap.

Watch Grey's Anatomy series or any English Series
Whenever I feed my mind with English words from watching series or reading an English novel that dwells within my soul, I cannot sleep and started writing blocks in my head. So I get up and write whenever that is possible.

Read articles to inspire or get an inspiration from it
I am a sucker for articles related to motherhood, parenting and self help subjects. I love reading articles and I always wish I could write something beautiful like those too. They have this direction in which you would always wanted to read and read more for every article they write. It's full of good vibes and inspiration.

Listen to songs to contemplate and have a relax mind
If everything else crammed to my mind and feels like nowhere to go, then I just started listening to songs, a medley, an acoustic or songs that are soft in melody to have a peace of mind. I hate loud noises as much as the loud noises of people who always chit chatting and seems to be not busy at all. Listening to music also adds up energy and good mood to me but sometimes, I get to attach with words too. When I sing along then I know for sure that the listening activity will end up in a bit.

What do you usually do whenever you feel like you're not in the mood to write at all? Share your thoughts!

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