St. Peter Life Plan: A Pre-Need DeathCare Company

Whenever there is a burial here at our place, people would wonder, "paano ang kabaonh?" "san ililibing?" only because people before our generation doesn't really realize the importance of saving hard earned money. Our culture was always "I'll cross the bridge when I get there" and "hindi naman ako pababayaan ng mga anak ko or kapamilya ko". Sadly, a lot of families especially the poor ones and cannot really acquire basic necessities in life and just have an average compensation is affected. 

A debate would always arise between getting a full insurance, a VUL, or Pre-Needs whenever someone would politely ask what is the best to get when you have enough funds. Of course, everyone would say "Get an insurance, so that when you got sick or hospitalized you will be covered". Clearly, it should be always a matter of need versus the capacity to pay for it. Why? Because even if you have enough funds right now, would it really matter to pay for thousands of pesos when in the end, you can't really use that at all? Don't get me wrong, but 70% of the insurance policy holder end up having regrets getting a full insurance coverage, the other 20% were the ones who got a lump-sum amount because the insurance they got is a fraud and the other 10% are the ones who got lucky they get to pick the right ones. 

I myself wasn't really into that. Aside from the fact that we cannot burden ourselves to save enough and throw it away for an insurance is a big NO for me and my husband. For us, it's enough to save money in a bank account or roll it in a UITF investment. That case we can have the money right at the palm of our hands in case of emergency without the hassle of waiting for policies and other paper works. 

But last year, I started to really care for a Pre-Need. Aside from it's just a small amount, amounting to Php650 per month, I can guarantee myself that if I was able to pay it for 5 years, I will have my coffin if I happen to die. I invested my money from the income I got from selling ice. My husband, being the reluctant when it comes to money matters, didn't get one. He told me that he can buy it instantly in cash if that day comes. But I was really sure that I should have this one just in case something happens with the cash flow and to us.

I search for Burial Services and Assistance and mostly St. Peter and Trusteeship came to my result. Apparently, we have some issues with Trusteeship, my mother's account was still not handed to her, the policy is still in Manila as what the office told us. So when I get the chance to inquire, I also raise that. I told them that if they can't come up with a positive resolving about it, then I wouldn't trade off too. So St. Peter was my next move. I search online and I came to know Tita Emma who was an agent at St. Peter.

I was eager to get to know about every details before I finally visit the office to personally fill out the form. She gracefully answers all the questions I laid, in detail. I was happy to know that it is the right choice for me and no hard selling at her side. She also arrange for in house collection with receipt. That was no hassle payment indeed. 

So I filled up the form and paid my first month. Early this year, the price increases from Php650 to Php725 for new holders. That was a big savings for me since I got to have Php75 off since I got mine last year. That time, hubby wants to join! Good thing, Tita Emma also arrange that matter and we get to have the Php650 for his first year. But the 2nd to 5th will be amounting to Php725. But that's okay. That's lesson learned to my husband since he is not right with decision this time.

I already finish my 1st year, if hubby was as eager as me before, we could have been finished the 1st year of paying it.

I am looking forward to pay all of the remaining years so that I won't have regrets in the end and I am ready whenever that day comes. For everyone knows, we will all end up dying.

If you are interested to get one, you can send me a message through so I can give you my agent's contact number. 

Do you also have a pre-need plan? Why do you plan to have one instead of the full coverage insurance?

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  1. Hi,
    Can you refer me to your agent? Been thinking to get one for me ☺️

    1. Hi, you can send me a message thru my facebook page: so I can assist you further.


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