Reading at a Young Age

How did I encourage my daughter to read? I didn't. I waited for her pace. I waited for her to recognize letters, words and sentences. I let her learn to read through phonics song, through the subtitles and visuals she can see through Youtube because of her screentime. Don't smirk at me. She has her own way of discovering things and I do not want to interfere or get in the way for her to limit her knowledge. I am just beside her to guide her and to teach her when she wanted some help.

Back in the days she would non-stop singing the alphabet songs, till she can recognize the letters one by one and everytime she sees letters, she will utter it. When she sees words, she will read it letter by letter.

Then she learn about the concept of colors and sight words. Slowly, she can recognize the words when I put a set of cards in her table. She would read it everyday out loud. I printed out Dolce sight words and put it in her File Folder. I also search for Fluency reading material for her to catch up too.

I also add up in our activity to read the word first before she can finally match the corresponding word to an item. Like the sorting of vegetables we did below.

It's amazing how she can learn it by now. I just waited for her sensitive period before I dive in to her world. Now, she's more encourage to read everything little by little. She learn new words. She learn new things. Sometimes she would randomly tell me spelling of colors or a dog or a cat. Simple words but she's definitely building her vocabulary.

Note: If you want a copy of Dolce Sight Words, you can download it HERE FOR FREE.

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