Uncle Cheffy Lipa: A Reunion with my Colleagues

Minsan talaga, ang biglaan, mas natutuloy. We have different priorities now but from time to time we have conversations through facebook. And just recently we decided to meet up since it's been months when we last see each other. Needless to say, I miss them all!

We decided to dine at Uncle Cheffy which is so timely because I haven't eaten there though there's a branch already here at Batangas City. It feels like it's too pricey if I go solo. Good thing we're all fond of eating pasta and pizza. So we ordered two kinds of pasta and 2 oven bricked panizza. I didn't know that there's such a thing as rolled pizza.

I love their version of carbonara! It's creamy but tasty. A lot of creamy carbonara I've tasted before really doesn't suffice my palate because I want a salty version too. But this carbonara is so good. A plate is good for 3 persons in regular servings but since we're in a group we have to share.

The spaghetti is good too. It has a mix taste of pinoy and italian flavor. It's also has a bit of spiciness but still the right blend.

The Panizza we're surprisingly not really different in flavor.

And you really have to roll it to savor the flavor and add a hint of crunchiness in it. I thought we weren't able to finish the 2 large panizza but we did.

Takaw much or gutom much? It's just that we really have a good laugh while making it and did enjoy the food that rainy afternoon.

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