Earn 4x the Profit with Less Than 100 Capital

Nowadays, people are drawn to the Peso Sense Ipon Challenge, even buying their Alkansya with the spreadsheet printed on it. When in fact, the 100 peso worth Alkansya could have been their first saving right? Well, it is common for the Filipinos to always go with the trend, kung anong uso, yun ang mabenta dito. Admit or not, it's true.

I myself, have different coin bank, from a plastic piglet to a bear and even the free reusable plastic jar with candies on it when you buy at a grocery store. Mine was just from a friend who owns a sari-sari store. Hiningi ko lang, so libre! Money-wise right? So I have a coinbank with cents, 5 peso and 10 peso coins and a separate 1 peso coin. With those three, 2 of them can easily be opened for easy access and once they are full, I can exchange them for paper bill or pay my water bill instead. 

Since most of my coins comes from my income selling ICE, it also serves as my water bill fund amounting to Php 205 monthly. The minimum water bill is Php205, 10cu but I only consume half of it and still pays for the minimum bill. That is why having this business and selling it on a lower than retail price is still a hit to me.

How I earn a lot from selling ICE? Here's the breakdown:

Ice Plastic pack of 5 = Php 80.00
Water Consumption for a month = Php 205.00

Each ICE is sold at Php 4.00 each even though the retail should be Php5.00. I just cut the price because even if I am not selling, I still pay for a minimum of water bill and our electricity is just the same. That is why I just use that as an extra income instead. Each pack has 100 plastics. 

Php 4.00 x 500 (for the 5 packs) = Php 2000.00
Php 2000.00 - Php 80.00 (plastic) - Php 205.00 = Php 1715

How cool was that? As of this writing, I already earned Php 835 for this month and I still have more than 200 plastics at my storage bin. I've been doing that since I moved at an apartment. At first I only have 3-5 pieces in a day but now, I always have a SOLD out, 10-15 pieces, depending on the weather of course.

Why choose this business? Besides from a low capital, selling ICE is not that hard. Even if your neighbors have their own refrigerator, they still would buy from you from time to time. When they have visitors, when they wanted to quench their thirst, when there is an occasion, a small gathering with inuman, etc. And what is the most factor I love with it? Hindi siya MAPAPANIS kahit 1 buwan siya sa ref mo. 

For momshies out there, consider having an ICE business at your household. Try it at first from 5 pieces and tell your neighbors that you do sell ice. Then consider adding up pieces based on the demands. Surely, you will also have an extra savings just like mine.

Happy Ipon Challenge with Selling Ice at the comfort of your home!

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