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I wasn't the type of mom who prints out pictures every now and then. It just get fully loaded my phone or my computer. Ever since I got married, I wanted to have a photo book for our prenuptial session. I could have wanted a photo book purchased online but the prices are way expensive than I thought. Plus the fact that it needs to be formatted by yourself. That's already time consuming on my part. I don't need a super duper creative photo book, I wanted them to be printed nicely.

Today wherein everything is digital, fairly there are so many photo book offered and different sites to upload. It is way much cheaper to have a print on a local photo printing services and just pick a nice album at a bookstore or mall. But who would miss this chance of having your first photo book free of charge plus free shipping? It roughly costs $10 but I got it all for FREE. Yes free!


So how did I get one? I was always on the look for freebies online and I notice this video ->

After that, I shared it to my cousin who was ecstatic to tell me that she knows about that already and her sister-in-law is working at that company. Cool isn't it? Then what happen next is I started creating my very first photobook. It was free! I simply sign up and they give me a  coupon code that I can redeem so that my first chatbook is free. And then, since my cousin would be going to PH for vacation, I grabbed the opportunity to send it to her address (US Shipping is FREE) and asked her to bring it for me. So that's FREE PHOTO BOOK + FREE SHIPPING! A little warning: DO NOT USE THE CODE ABOVE. IT IS ALREADY CLAIMED.

What I love about chatbooks is that you can just upload your photos online, and they have an app to make it easier. You can choose from different channels, may it be your Instagram feed or Facebook, dropbox or straight from your computer. The free chatbooks has a 60 pictures on it. What I do is I created a folder and then uploaded it in their app. That way I already sorted the pictures I needed since the original copies I have is 300. So I sorted out 60 out of 300 pictures!

Well the only problem with it is since it is free, it is a Series chatbooks which has an auto spine title. I have the option to add a title into it but it has the date which is automatically retrieved from the date of the photos I uploaded. Here's a quick view, see the spine of this cover I originally made for my photo book.

I have trouble uploading it actually. So I asked my cousin again to help me with it since I have a poor internet connection before. That is why I suggest that you have to carefully customized your photo book and see to it that it is working at your end. Don't worry because chatbooks customer support is indeed very helpful with their customers. Every single detail will be polished before they proceed into printing your first chatbooks. 

Hooray! I just finished a chatbooks and it is indeed overwhelming to receive it for FREE, completely FREE! Now I realize that really, waiting gives you a promise you wouldn't really expect.

How about you? How do you plan to have your photos printed? Do you also wanted to have a photo book? Visit chatbooks website to learn about their promos or simple send me a message on my facebook page and type "FREE CHATBOOKS" so I can help you get one! Click here -> SEND ME FREE CHATBOOKS

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