Marcelina's Tagpuan - Alangilan

I've been swamped with school days and we also got sick that I never had the time to update my blog lately. Been thinking of writing but the work is also in the way for me to be busier than I expected.

Adrienne's two school hours gave me an ample time to have some "ME" time or food trip with my co-parent while we're waiting for our kids. One of the nearest restaurant at school is Marcelina's Tagpuan. Cozy vibe, not crowded and instagrammable place.

Marcelina's Tagpuan offers a variety of milk tea, chicken wings, silog meals and finger foods. It might be good if there are pasta and sandwiches to choose from. But since it's the nearest we can have and a cozy place to hang out we get to try their different menu. There's no wifi though but that's okay because we're entertained with tv and there is a time for us to chit chat while waiting for our food to be served. The place is a bit instagrammable too because of the wall arts they have. 

Here are the foods we've tried so far. Not really a fan of milktea, sorry, but I got to try two of their flavors. One is Javachip and the other is Taro but waterbased only.

Java Chip Milktea

Water-based Taro Milktea

Of course, my favorite should always be included and must try first before anything else.

Sizzling Sisig Platter

Finger foods I've tried so far is the fries and Nachos. I wasn't able to take a picture of the fries but it's just a flavored one. The Nachos is quite a large one and good for sharing, 2-3 persons can share with the platter. I just didn't find it that good because of the mayo and the pork included in the nachos plate is too little.

Nachos Overload

For the silog meals, we also tried two variant, the Liemsilog and Tapsilog. Their tapsi is homemade and affordable too. I just find it weird because I used to have thin strips of tapa with other restaurant I've tried instead of chunky ones. But it taste good! The Liempo taste good, malasa pero medyo makunat to eat or maybe it is just me because I find it hard to chew foods this days because of my braces. This is good for students since they get to eat rice meals below Php100. Kape na lang ang kulang because silog meals for me is complete with sabaw na kape.



The chicken wings are not included here because I didn't eat my orders and just opt to take out because Adrienne loves chicken. After school, she eat them with much gusto. I will review the chicken wings menu at a separate post.

Have you tried Marcelina's Tagpuan at Alangilan? If not, head on to their restaurant beside Ministop and in front of Alangilan Central Elementary School. Their flavored chicken wings is what I highly recommend.

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