Get Rewarded with BDO Rewards Card

Banking with BDO has never been this rewarding. True to their claim, BDO Rewards card gives me cashless shopping and allow me to earn points with every bank transaction. More so, the BDO Rewards card doesn't need to be paid for renewal. You just need to qualify for the requirement.

I also like the idea that the BDO Rewards card can be use in SM Department store, Hypermarket and Merchant or Rewards Partner transactions like Watsons, Toy Kingdom, Miniso and Ace Hardware. I also get points from bank transactions like Home Loan and Remittance.

This is one of the discounted item I got from BDO Rewards Card. Most of the time I use it for payment of purchase instead of buying the item with cash. I used to buy lipstick, air humidifier, and with my Watsons transactions.

With the points I earned, I get to use it for cashless shopping with discount too! You can also get discount on exclusive sale events like when I use the BDO Rewards card for another 10% discount when SM Home exclusively give discount to BDO Rewards cardholder. Honestly, I prefer the BDO Rewards Card over SM Advantage card.

Do you have a BDO Rewards Card? Where do you usually use the points you earned?

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