SM Department Store School Supplies Haul

While everyone is already finished buying their back to school haul mid May month, I just finished mine before the school starts by June 4. I intended not to buy things on the sale period because of the long lines and I need to know first the size of Adrienne's books so I can select the best bag fitted for her school notebooks and books.

When I was a student back then, I remember we used to buy things at a cheaper price inside the public market. There are many to choose from but you need to haggle. Nowadays, I look for comfort of buying things and easy to spot on price label so I can sort the cheaper ones but still good quality. Good thing that SM Department store really got it all.

From bags, shoes and socks, I personally recommend the SM Department store because I've been a regular customer. My bags and shoes are mostly from SM Department store. I also bought some of our homeschooling supplies from SM Department store stationery section. Sometimes, I found sale items even if it is not on the sale period simply because, some of the size are out of stock or they just really need to pull out the items already. That's one of the tip I can share with you. If you are not like me who are not always ransacking the items first or looking for yellow price tags, don't be shy to ask if there are sale items on rack before you hit your favorite ones.

For Adrienne's school needs, I need to buy a school bag, school shoes, a pair of rubber shoes for her PE class, a pair of doll shoes for her casual clothes since her uniform isn't available yet and pairs of socks.

For her school bag, I choose the backpack at first since I know for sure that she can't bring it and mostly I will be the one to bring it but good thing a friend of mine whom I was with that day told me that it is wise to buy the trolley type. Adrienne and her classmates were asked by teacher to carry their own bag whenever they have classes. Good buy! So I chose the Frozen trolley bag in purple color with free tumbler and it has cool touch light design.

Her school shoes, doll shoes and her rubber shoes are good buy too! Lightweight and affordable, I just get excited from choosing colors with the doll shoes. Doll shoes also has a Buy 1 Take 1 promo but for this, I opted for the regular price since I don't need the extra doll shoes. Adrienne's foot grows faster and we don't really get to go out regularly. I just needed a pair for her casual days because she doesn't have a uniform yet for a month.

From Sugar Kids brand, the brand I always bought for Adrienne because of its lightweight feature and the Buy 1 Take 1 or 2 for 399 price is a steal. Her rubber shoes is the Buy 1 Take 1 already and it doesn't have a regular price if I buy only 1 so this is why I get the 2 shoes instead of 1. She can use them both in school and casual trips.


I don't need to buy notebooks this time since the school has provided it for us and the pencils and crayons are already bought from SM Hypermarket Stationery Section. That's it for our school supplies haul. I used my BDO Rewards card so I can earn points from shopping.

How about you, where do you buy your back-to-school supplies this school year?

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All money spent on this haul is from the blogger itself.

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