How I started Blogging and Who I Follow

I've been blogging since 2005. Long before, blogging was just for personal matters. Wordpress wasn't popular that time because blogger was way more user friendly than it. And up to now, I still prefer blogger over the Wordpress. Back then, I was just using Blogdrive. My journal was about personal matters and I learned that writing is a way of escaping my sadness, stress and longing. I also learned that publishing content personally is not a good choice. So I deleted it along with my feelings for my past relationships.

I was skeptic to write again till I stumble upon other bloggers who are residing at Batangas and they created a group of collaborators wherein every post will be posted in one website. I also earned a gig out of it, my first writing gig which asks me to do write up about resorts in Batangas. Thanks to kuya Apol Apuntar, I started my dream to become a writer because of his proposal. 

Blogging has been a on and off with my lifestyle since it's not really easy to maintain a blog. I must admit that I am not a professional writer. I just write whatever I want to express or share with my readers. Nowadays, some bloggers were misunderstood and actually misinterpreted because of the way bloggers and vloggers are arising. Some usual facebook poster that would went viral because of a post would be labeled as a blogger already. Some bloggers are labeled as "camp libre" wherein we are believed to be always after with the "free" stuff that we get in exchange of a write up. But haven't they realized that writing is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 and coming up for an honest review is not just magic. Not all bloggers review items that are sponsored or free from brands. Some were bought or from giveaways. So please, spare us some time to also share our write ups or photos. 

I feel ecstatic whenever someone appreciates my input. Btw, I blog for free for now since I am not a registered business doing so. But I do accept freebies/discount coupons as an exchange for a feature or write up. Imagine the time I allotted and the effort I made just to feature their business on my blog and facebook page. I also recommend them personally to my friends whenever they ask me. So a little bit of sharing bring so much happiness to me.

Now, since I've been blogging and reading so much online, I have this list of blogs I really follow and always read their input when they have new write up on their site. 
  1. Rica Peralejo Bonifacio of  Everyday A New Page
  2. Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon of Relationship Matters PH
  3. Gen-zel Habab of - Gen-zel - She Sings Beauty
  4. Sara of Happiness is Here Blog
  5. Motherly
Do you have your own list of blogs to follow? Maybe we can exchange too! Share your list on the comment section.

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