Crystal White Whitening Soaps

If you happen to watch my youtube review last time, I featured my favorite soap when it comes to having fairer white skin. I've been always looking for something that gives me a whitening glow. I am not really into having a "maputi" skin but having a fairer white beauty is what I am after for.

Just last year, I was rooting for this whitening soap, Crystal White Skin Whitening Soap. For more than two weeks of use, I notice that it gives me the fairer skin I've always wanted. But the problem is, it is limited on the grocery where I always buy my stuff. I'd like to think that the supermarket happens to pull out the product because, after my recent purchase, I couldn't find it anymore. Glad that I was able to stumble it through Shopee. So I have to buy more afraid to not find it again here nearby.

Crystal White Skin Whitening Soap
It is easy to lather, super bubbly and moisture but the problem is it easily melts. You really have to use it in halves or cut them precisely for your usage so you can save your soap too. You might feel that your skin is tightened in every usage of this soap. One factor that I also love about this is the smell of it. It's like having a deodorizer in the bathroom! It is also affordable for its price and its results.

Crystal White also launches their new line, the Crystal White AHA Whitening soap. The color and smell are like a citrus flavor infused in a soap. It has Vitamin B3 and botanical extracts used to softly scrub and whiten your skin. I tried it once and I didn't like the result though. I still prefer the latter because this Crystal White AHA formula is a bit "matapang" on my skin. I got light red marks so I discontinue using it after fully consuming the bar. Good thing I only bought one for this variant. It also smells good too. It also didn't have a significant effect on my skin when it comes to whitening.

Always remember that some products may or may not work for other skin types. It always best to consult a skin care expert if you have sensitive skin or try it on your own risk and budget of course.

I will be using the Crystal White Skin Whitening Soap for long and probably would purchase again because I really like the effect of it on my skin.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. I used my own money for purchasing it and for this review.

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