Post Mother's Day Celebration at Enchanted Kingdom

The last time I was here was way back in 2010. It was our monthsary date (my husband and I) and the tickets back then only cost Php400. Although we didn't manage to take most of the rides, I was beyond happy because we get to have quality time together. Now, for my 3rd time (first was with my cousins and the tickets cost Php100 only for walk-ins with a free ride at Carousel), I joined my inlaws for their family trip, hence I get to celebrate post Mother's Day on my behalf and quality time with Isobelle, another for the books!

The ticket costs Php800 for the regular weekday and with Isobelle's age, she may have a Junior pass which costs Php500. I search online for possible promo and good thing I saw Klook's promo codes and discounted tickets. 

This is good for my inlaws family since they were 5. I use the promo code for mother's day "COOLMOM" which is why we still get another 10% off.

We were about to purchase a birthday ticket but then my sister-in-law realized that the birthday she had with her birth certificate is dated September instead of May. But it's okay so I purchase another ticket for me, good thing that a referral code from my friend also has a Php150 discount voucher. I get to save another penny for this ticket. And Isobelle, who has a PWD card, get a discounted ticket for only Php350. For Isobelle's ticket, we purchased it at the EK ticket booth because Klook doesn't offer PWD/Senior discounts.

Instead of paying Php5300 for all the tickets incurred, we get to saved Php1261! How cool was that?

The ticket now has a free AGILA THE EKSPERIENCE ride unlike before. So for me, it is indeed a good catch since we get to enjoy a trip through the eyes of an eagle.

Upon arriving at the Enchanted Kingdom, we presented the tickets and we have a different lane from the regular weekday passers. The entrance was closed to the Agila building. It's a hassle-free ticket purchase with lots of discounts so I am really referring this Klook experience to everyone. If you want to have your first voucher and get discount before booking, sign up under my referral:

Upon signing up with my link, you will receive a Php150 reward from Klook which you can use for your first booking. A successful booking will also earn you Klook credits which is convertible to cash that you can also use as a discount.  

I haven't pictured so much with this trip that I really get to enjoy it with my daughter. I only snap a few photos and asked my niece to take us some videos while riding on the kiddie rides. You can watch some of the activities we had at Enchanted Kingdom via our youtube channel or simply click the link below.

I could have captured some snippets from the Agila #EKsperience but I tend not to so others may get to enjoy their spot when the time comes. It was indeed an enjoyable trip in 3D, looking at the best scenery here in the Philippines. I am so happy that my daughter also enjoys that 3D ride.

Don't forget to #BookItKlookIt your next adventure for promo and discounts.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

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