Belo SunExpert Face Sunscreens

Before I started my skin care treatment, I made sure that I use products which are not just widely acclaimed because it is endorsed by actors but because of its effectiveness. I do not aim to have a whiter skin, but I wanted to achieve fairer skin instead. I used to have acne within my face and my arms skin tone is not even. I don't apply lotion as it just super moisturized my skin that it tends to sweat due to the hot climate here in the Philippines. I do not want that. It's sticky and uncomfortable whenever I commute. But, upon learning to sis Genzel that I should also be using a sunscreen not just to protect my skin under the heat of the sun but also to add skincare to my skin because it also helps moisturize upon applying.

By 30's, you started taking care of your skin to avoid pimples, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles and also sunspots. I could have notice and take action about this before but I just didn't realize it would hit me this time. Good thing, I use Belo SunExperts products now. I notice that it helps me to lighten my dark spots.

I have two of Belo SunExpert products; one, I purchased a Belo SunExpert Face Cover with SPF40 and the other one which I got for free at Sample Room, the Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen with SPF50. I will tell you which of these two is the one that I love to use for a while.

Belo SunExpert Face Cover with SPF40
* Lightweight
* Affordable
* Non-sticky
* Fragrant
* Easily absorbed by the skin
* Blends easily

Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen with SPF50
* Affordable
* A bit sticky
* No Fragrant
* Not Easily absorbed by the skin
* Not Blends easily

From the key points, you already know which one is much comfortable to apply in this hot climate. For me, I like the Belo SunExpert Face Cover more than the Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen. Although the latter helps to achieve a whiter skin tone than the other, I still prefer something that is lightweight and non-greasy to apply. Hopefully, the Belo SunExpert group would adhere to this factors so that we can really achieve the whiter and fairer skin goals this summer!

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