4 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving

I am still in the adjustment period ever since we moved to our new house last December. But today, I've been adjusting well together with my husband. There are days where it seems that tasks are all piled up and there never seems to be a time for us to rest. Some days are full of errands and some were just let's hit the bed and get some rest for the day.

When we moved in, there are certain factors I didn't realize. I wish I could have written up every detail in our new house but right now, I need to write from time to time and share our own mishaps from the day we acquire this home up to the last minute of moving in.

1. Accessibility
It didn't quite occur to me that living here would really stress me out when it comes to grocery shopping or having some bank errands at the city. Aside from we are far from it, I need to have at least 3 rides before I get to the nearest location I needed to be. Despite it all, I have a kid with me whom I will always be bringing now when I need to do it all. But I know in God's time, we will have our own car to ease the pain of traveling with a kid. Good thing, for now, we have an accessible tricycle nearby where we can just call when we need a service to a nearby supermarket.

2. Orders Online
For quite some time I've been back to ordering online again and if you are a regular reader of my page and personal account you know me well that I always have an online delivery for foods too. I thought that by having a complete address (yes we do not have a house number back then) will find it easy for me to do this but to my dismay, some courier and food hub doesn't cover our area for delivery. Sigh.

3. Internet Connection
At first, I was relieved by the fact that I have an internet connection which is wired and offers me a big data allocation which is 3 times our usage for a month. Only to find out at the last minute that the subdivision doesn't allow a wired internet connection here. What?!? So at the last few days, before I moved in, I haggle at the customer service of Globe to have my plan upgraded or changed which will permit me to have an internet connection the soonest. Glad that they responded on my request for not more than 48 hours. Although the data allocation now is much smaller than before, I am still thankful that they have provided me the connection I needed just right in time. And if there will come a time that I need an extra boost on data allocation, I just have to use the app provided or call to a customer hotline again.

4. Emergency Numbers
On my first week, I have my first emergency ever. We ran out of gas and the time is already past 8 so we do not have a delivery service that can cater at that time to deliver us gas for cooking. I tend to wait for the next day. Good thing, I learned from my neighbor that they have this Gas Delivery Service that can cater deliveries up to 9PM. Good glory.

On our next emergency, I realize that the Brgy Hall that caters us doesn't have a 24 hours service clock. What if the emergency happened at the wee hours of the day? Who are we going to call then aside from the roving guards we have at the subdivision? Although I can assure you that the security in our subdivision is awesome, still, wouldn't it be nice if the nearest Barangay will be of use when needed?

I've been living here for almost four months and these are just a few of the things I realized and wish I knew before moving here but apart from it, I have the best and peaceful community ever. I like the fact that Isobelle and I can wander off for some time in the afternoon walking or biking. I like the idea of living far from relatives and family away from stress and chismis. I like the feeling of living really independently here. 

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