Salon De Vanitta

For every busy mom, a pampering session or just a simple ME time is a must. Why? We are working 24/7 (actually not really 24 if I say so because we sleep lol) and attending to our child's need, our husband, our family, our personal work and for myself, my blogging passion.

Every week, I see to it that I breath a fresh air to eliminate the stress away from my body and to avoid my constantly nagging towards my daughter. Yes, I am an impatient mommy and turning to momzilla whenever I hit the red button. I don't like routines, I don't like noise and specially, I don't like too many people lingering in our home.

So last Friday, I decided to pursue my need to have my haircut done since my hair is growing faster than I could imagine. I want to trim down the split ends per se. It's really hard to find a decent hair cutter nowadays. I wanted to have a personal hair cutter if given a chance, so whenever I just need a random hair cut or trim, I'll just need to visit her. Unfortunately, I haven't found her yet.

My hair is rebonded and therefore, a 1-2 inch cut is just necessary. I visited the newest Salon & Spa in town, the Salon De Vanitta which is owned coincidentally by a sir Gelo's sister. I was just sharing the news when Ms. Abby send me a message that she knows the owner. When I go there, I asked them for a trim. I was surprise that my hair isn't blow dry after. 

Ate Edna was my hair cutter that day. I instruct her to trim my hair and not do any style, just a regular trim though. She also give me tips on how I should comb my hair after this hair cut so I can achieve the "no fly away" hair that I am always problematic with. Seriously, I don't really have the patience to tame my hair. I always go as-is ever since.

I was offered with a free manicure too, Ma'am Liezel, the owner of Salon de Vanitta was there that moment and she hesitate to offer me a manicure and pedicure. Too bad I wasn't really into those things but since I wanted to try the services too, I just opt for a no nail polish manicure. Carina did the manicure for me. She's cheerful and funny to talk to while she was busy cleaning my nails. See how clean my nails are after!

I love how small but dainty the salon is. It's cozy enough to pamper yourself with different types of services that you can avail. I learned that Salon de Vanitta is Bicol based before and then they move here at Batangas City. 

Do not forget to check their Daily Specials so you can have the best service you can ever have. Affordable price with discount is awesome!

Comfortable seats are also waiting for you while watching television, relaxing on your ME time session.

Walk in customers are welcome but you can also book an appointment to avoid hassle of waiting.

Salon de Vanitta
14 D. Silang St. Batangas City
10: 00 AM to 9:00 PM
09157786636 / 09991916646

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  1. This reminds me I need to cut my hair short again. Nakakaramdam ata ng stress ang buhok natin. LOL.

    1. Dapat talaga nattrim yung hair natin every month. Pero yung sakin talaga damage na at madami ng split ends talaga.


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