Minimalist Decluttering Challenge

When we moved from our parental house to a small apartment, I started decluttering my things, which mostly involves papers and things that we're not really useful at all. I tend to just get the ones I needed, the important documents, clothes and Isobelle's toy. I was even glad that our wedding gifts are not too many to store too. They are only few and different of each kind. 

So the apartment basically has two rooms. One is our room, and the other which I turned to a homeschooling area before end up as a storage room. So all the things were really in that room. When it comes to Isobelle's toy, I see to it that the toys were not the same. I tend to collect different types and age appropriate. Luckily, we do not have a bunch of relatives who randomly give toys to my daughter. It would have been nice if it's in cash really as I save money to her account for her future.

Decluttering isn't easy. Much more not easy if you only have a few items and you can't really let go some of it. It's also expensive to buy storage boxes in which you will store stuff in an organize manner. I'll have you a glimpse of what I've accomplished so far when I moved here.

I tend to live in this manner because it is easier to locate things. It is also pleasing to the eye. Although my decluttering wasn't much of a pro style, I will do that when we move to our own home hopefully before this year end. For now, this will be my decluttering style as long as they are organized. 

I will also share to you my different on-the-go bags which have different purpose. This way I have minimal time to pack things according to use. Here's my everyday bag or the bag which I use mostly when I go to grocery, quick bank transactions, and quick ME time a.k.a window shopping. The small bag was redeemed from Bench using my Globe Rewards points. 

The other bags are used when I have my daughter with me or when I have important errands that needs me to bring my documents. The big tote was a gift from my husband which I specifically ask for since I badly need a big bag for my documents and when I still use to pack things for my 3 yr old baby whenever we visit my inlaws. Now that she's turning 5, and we just pack light, I tend to use a backpack for easy access since we are only commuting.

I wish that I can organize some more with the stuff I have in the storage and finally let go of the things I don't really use. Thank you #NeatObsessions for inspiring me to do some more!

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