Primewater Batangas Bills Payment thru GCash

The recent switch from Batangas City Water District to Primewater Batangas has been a stressful one since I have to find ways on how to pa...

The recent switch from Batangas City Water District to Primewater Batangas has been a stressful one since I have to find ways on how to pay them online. I've been paying my Primewater Bill of Camella through BDO before but when I learned how convenient using GCash is, I instantly thought that paying the Primewater Batangas is just the same. But it's not, at first and until I figure out how to do so without asking again the customer support from Primewater Batangas and Primewater Infra directly.

Here, I'll show you how to pay your Primewater Batangas Bill through GCash App. If you do not have a GCash account, please use my code below to be able to receive your first Php50.

1. You will also need to Cash In on your GCash Account and make sure that you're account is fully verified: through GCash Verify and through GCash Video Call. In my case, I Cash In via my BDO Online Banking mostly. Once you have a certain amount that can cater your bill, then proceed to next steps below.

2. After logging in, successfully cash in, select Pay Bills icon.

3. Select Water Utilities

4. Select Primewater in the options of billers.

5. Fill up the following details. 

* Note that the ATM Ref No. is the 14 digit and not the account number.

* Use your updated email so that the bill receipt will be sent to your email as well for future reference, just in case the bill will not be updated in their database.

* For a successful bills payment, you will see a digital receipt at the end of the transaction. You can also save that at your gallery as well.

* A Php5 fee will be charged to your account but once the payment is successful, you will also receive a Php5 rebate after.

Hope that you learn on how to pay your Primewater Batangas Bill online using GCash. Paying bills at the convenience of your home, to avoid the stress of falling in line and wasting time is very applicable for a working mom and busy persons.

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  1. Hi wat if i input a wrong atm reference # but correct acount number. Wat will happen to my payment.. i paid at 7eleven..

    1. The least that you can do is to call the primewater office and ask if the payment is successfully posted. The Billing department might be able to adjust your payment or not.

  2. Hi. I have saved my details for easy payment, but i noticed that the atm ref number varies monthly. Is it normal? Do i have to update my details every time i pay? Thanks!

    1. Yes it varies every month because if you will notice, the last four digits of ATM Ref # is the due date of the current bill. You always need to update the details for every payment. I prefer manually putting it instead of using a saved biller.

  3. hi! ask ko po paano gagawin kung overdue na? ok lang ba gumamit ng ol payment like gcash or banking payment. salamat po.

    1. Yes it's still okay to pay via GCash, however, you need to tweak the last four digits of your ATM Reference # so it will push through. I included it on my post:


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