He-Brews Cafe

The first time I heard about this café was when someone mention it on Facebook. I notice that apart from the burger joints emerging at the city of Batangas, along came different coffee shops. This is just one of the café I've visited so far. It is located adjacent to KFC and just renting a small space. The place is a bit homey but I must warn you that it's too small for the daily walk-in customers. Sometimes you have to wait for a vacant seat.

I've been visiting the place for 3 times already, one time I am alone, the 2nd time I was with my kumare, the third time with my husband's cousin. I was a bit disappointed with their frappe. I ordered my usual Cookies n Cream flavor (a must whenever I visit café or ordering an ice cream) but when I got to taste it it's a little blunt. Not too sweet for a sweet tooth like me. I guess they just put little sugar in it and I have tasted too much whip cream instead.

For the 2nd and third try, nothing is changed. I might try different flavor instead next time. I also ordered my favorite Carbonara. It tastes good for me! Since I don't want a creamy carbonara and always opt for the salty one. Good job in there.

Carbonara and Cookies n Cream frappe

Last Tuesday I was able to drop by again and luckily I've got a free seat already so I ordered Benedict Adobo Flakes and Honey Lemonade for a change. Someone's right for mentioning that it's too salty! Well, I think I just need another slice of bread to balance it off. And I am lucky enough that I got the perfect drink for it, the Honey Lemonade which is just right for it's juicy lemon flavor.

Adobo Flakes Benedict and Honey Lemonade
I haven't tried all of their food in the menu and I am actually looking forward to visit their café again sometime soon. Price is not pricey at all compared to other coffee shops. It is easier to drop by at the café since it's in the city already.

What's your café experience so far?

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  1. The egg on the Adobo Flakes Benedict, are those supposed to be eggs beneditc? They look sunny side to me.

    Ochi | Ochi In The City


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