Me Before You

I learned about this book from @iamhearte's Instagram account. I was thrilled by her post because she got tears after reading it. If I am not mistaken, the only book that brought me to tears while reading at 2:30 AM is entitled "A Walk To Remember" which I know for a fact that it is a chic book, all the girls love it! That is why I end up downloading for an ebook of Me Before You written by Jojo Moyes.

At first I thought that I was lost already with the story. Lost in the sense that I have to read the epilogue once again because I don't know if I skip a line or two. It just happens so fast that Will (I actually thought it wasn't a name too! Silly me!) was in an accident. Why do we always have a soft heart to a sick person instantly?

And then there's Lou, short for Louise. The girl who doesn't have any idea of what life is all about. A boring one for Will. They both contradict each other because Will is an adventurer while Lou doesn’t mind if she ends up just a book in a book shelf. But things aren't the same with Will anymore. His life was taken aback after the accident. And he was just waiting for the right time to come. And then they met. Lou was hired as Will's caretaker. She wasn't really part of the plan but one time she heard Will's family conversing about the 6 month waiting period before Will finally go to Dignitas. He's about to end up his life by suicidal attempt. Will's mom still hopes that Will might change his decision and Lou might be the best fitted for that. In an attempt to bring back Will into life, Lou plans activities for a quadriplegic patient. They become close that Lou started to have feelings for Will but Will doesn't want to. He is still firm with his decision. The last activity Lou planned for Will in order to make him change his mind makes her feel mad and hate Will at all. But in the end, she finally realize what is right for both of them.

Again I don't want to spoil and spill every bit of the story. You should find out yourself. But if you are asking me if it brought me to tears, indeed YES. And after reading that chapter, I instantly feel sorry and send a message to my husband right away. I was moved. I was speechless and cried for five minutes before continuing the story again.

Have you read this book already? Let's share some sentiment. If you haven't read this and want a copy, just send me a message and I'll send you a copy in mobi format.