Personalized Gift Cards, Calling Cards and Notepads Haul

I was looking for a perfect but inexpensive gift last year for my dear friend who also happen to be my kumare. She has a boutique and I want something useful for her aside from her wide Hello Kitty Collection. Some were wondering where I bought my clothes and I just have to admit that a lot of my clothes were shopped online at Heartplum Fab Finds. They got fab and chic clothing and caters most of girly girl outfits which are fashionable but affordable.

So in search for something, I came across an online store which personalized cards. I was thinking that I may grab a set of notepads and calling cards for my friend. I immediately asked for it's price and for a less than Php500 I already got a personalized gift set of notepads and calling cards. That was WOW!

first set purchased given as a gift to dear friend

Upon sending that as a surprise gift, my friend is happy to have them and posted it on her timeline. I was much giddy excited because I actually send them directly to her. I asked her how was the quality of it. She told me that it's beautiful and nice paper material and might consider ordering if she will be asked.

Now that Christmas season is near I thought that I might try their gift set and repurchase calling cards again as a gift to my friend since I knew that she might already used all of the cards I've sent her before. So I send them a message again and give my desired design. A week of processing and my orders are done. I meet them this time at SM Batangas and they handed me my order. I checked them out as excited like a kid, and I am happy that the gift cards are very nice! Not glossy one but it looks really nice for me.

My own sets of gift cards!

It's really nice to have personalized cards since I always wanted to include names of my husband and our daughter in it. I don't have to put our names as always and just put the name of the recipient plus the greeting in it. I can also choose my own design.

a closer look

Yay! I already used up some of my gift cards since we attended different parties this past few days. I'll be sending my other gift as well. 
Nicely wrapped gift with my personalized gift cards

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  1. Even gift cards are expensive when Christmas season comes. Thanks for sharing this loot and the online store!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. True and its hard to order when its christmas season so I ordered as early as possible.

  2. Uy cute idea!


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