CDR King Veltra USB/SD Mini Speaker System

In search of a mini speaker compatible with my Sony Walkman, I finally visit CDR King store once again since last time they told me that they have no stock. There's only one available though but this time I am glad that after all the search I've done, I got to say I've got one good haul for this month. My Sony Walkman is compatible with component systems and in our TV but I want a mini speaker so I can just turn it on whenever I want to. 

CDR King Veltra USB/SD Mini Speaker System

  • Has USB/Micro SD Slot
  • Auxiliary for cellphones
  • Extra battery compartment BLC-5 (just like the cellphone's battery)
  • Rechargeable built in battery (2 hours charging time, 1 1/2 playback but longer when it's on FM)
  • Affordable (Php 680.00)
  • FM Stations availability
  • Has remote control for functions aside from the buttons
  • ON/OFF button, MODE button for USB/FM

Open latch is where you put the extra battery if you are not satisfied with the built in battery

Buttons (R) for remote sensor, MODE for switching between FM and USB/SD, Volume Minus or the backward, Pause Play, Volume Add or the forward

I like the fact that I can switch to FM stations if I wanted to stop listening to my walkman playlists. Also, the rechargeable feature is one good thing since I can charge it for two hours and it will keep on playing without cables. I an carry it anywhere because it is compact and has handle. Good for trips too! 

See the lights? You can see it if the place is dark but in sunshine light you won't even notice that it's working

I charge it for two hours and tried it for the first time using my Walkman Player as music source and it plays for 1 1/2 hours. It stop by that time but when I switch to FM Station it plays for another half hour before it goes off. Then the other day I switch it on again and played for another 30 minutes round on FM. I find it electric saving speaker since I don't have to plug it on socket whenever I want to listen to music. Aside from that it only consumes 3W of electricity.

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  1. Looks promising! In fairness to CDR king, they have really interesting products na pwede na hehe :)



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