#BetterMe: Skinwhite Advanced Whitening Products

I've been on the look for trying out whitening products right after I gave birth since I am really dying to have a fairer whiter skin without costing me that much. Aside from that, I don't want the injections even the derma sessions. I know that using soaps, moisturizers, cream etc will took me a lot of effort and time to achieve what I want but I want it that way. After I have been exposed to dirt during my training (commuting and using makeup) my pimples are also appearing one by one and to my dismay, I got this red pimple marks.

After searching for some products on supermarket, I instantly grabbed this Skinwhite products and tried them for two months. I got noticeably fairer skin after using them although I still have pimple marks on my face. I also notice that my elbow lighten a bit even though I am not regularly using the lotion. I list a bit of review of each product below base on my experience and usage.

Skinwhite Advanced PowerWhitening Soap
  • I love the scent of this soap and last longer even if I didn't apply lotion.
  • A little bit of dryness after using it.
  • Expensive compare to regular soaps but it lasted long because it doesn't melt easily.
  • Gives me a fresh feeling after bath.
  • There are two variants of this soap now available at supermarkets, one has glutathione ingredients and it's just the same with this one but one with glutathione has strong fragrance 

Skinwhite Advanced PowerWhitening Facial Cleanser
  • It is indeed my daily regimen (after bath and before I sleep) to use this cleanser to even out my skintone and to minimize my pimple breakouts. It works great but it feels like my pimples are not really gone.
  • No strong alcohol odor
  • Feels fresher after use and doesn't dried up my skin

Skinwhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion
  • Sticky feeling after use more so if it's too hot outside.
  • Long lasting scent
  • Leaves skin smooth and fairer (remember that I didn't use it regularly, so I think it is more fairer if you use it twice everyday!)

Skinwhite Advanced PowerWhitening Facial Powder
I didn't have the chance to took the photo of the sachet I've been using before but I'll just make a review and post my photo (no filter; just the powder) using this.
  • Can be used as a primer (you can use a moisturizer first if you want but I use only the cleanser before applying this powder) before applying blush on.
  • If you're a pro on using creams on face, you can blend it out easily (as usual I didn't have that skill so sometimes it doesn't blend well on my face more on my forehead
  • There are different variants of this for different skin types (I use the light one before but I switch to pinkish white because it gives me pink cheeks after applying it on my face)
  • Gives matte powder finish but due to hot weather, it gives me an oily look afterwards.
  • I notice that this is one of the reason I got pimple breakouts so I stop using it.
  • Doesn't cover up the red marks on my face, a concealer is a must.
  • Inexpensive and available in sachets
I hope that I got my fair share on using Skinwhite products. For now I stop using the facial powder and soap. I still use the lotion when I go out but not regularly. I only use the facial cleanser if I use creams and make up on my face before going to bed.
Have you tried Skinwhite Products before? 
Let's talk about your experience on the comments section!

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